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Todays radio question: 07/12/05

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If they were offering space ship rides to the moon for free, would you go?
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Good question. Probably not.
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Nope. I'm quite happy with this planet, thanks.
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That's my biggest dream, to go up into space on the shuttle. So my answer is DEFINITELY YES!!! If someone told me I could only travel to one place in my lifetime, I'd chose space over every place here on earth I want to visit. I think it would be such an amazing experience!
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That is actually a really hard question.

I am perfectly content right here on Earth, but then again, that is a once in a lifetime type thing. How many people can say they have been TO the moon?

I dont know though, I dont know if I could deal with the take off and re-entry. It looks pretty bumpy. I almost start crying on airplanes when we are going through minor turbulence. I am so scared that we will just fall right out of the sky.
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I would as long as I get a window seat.
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Oh heck yeah! That would so cool!!
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no.. i kind of like my green land and blue sea..
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Most definitely!
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Hard to tell. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance... but whenever I think of going to moon all the pops in my mind is things going horribly wrong, so probably not... but hey I can be unpredictable, so if it were offered... you never really know what I will say.
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That is affirmative!!. I would love to go, that would be so cool
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Alot of you guys are so much braver than I!
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No, no, no
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No way. I've only recently become comfortable with flying on airplanes around the US.
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You better believe it. Probably I'd go even if it was only free one-way!!
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oh yeah! definitely! I would love to see the planet from a different perspective!!!!!!
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Haven't even been on a plane.... don't think my first flight would be to outerspace!!! I'm a big chicken!!!!!!!!!!!
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Definitely. Its not like I would be staying there forever. Though I think the launch and return would be a bit hard.

And an airplane ride isnt all its cracked up to be. I was excited to when I got on a plane in chicago to go to houston. It took like forever to get things checked, then we had to wait three hours for the plane, and then we had to be squished in too small chairs and sit until they started to move, and then we "taxied" for a bit which is just the plane moving down the road and you have to go through like a bajillion turns to get wehre you are supposed to be... and the takeoff is cool though because the plane goes really fast and then takes off, but then you have like two hours of nothing but hot sun in the window (which burns really bad) and boring clouds to look at, not to mention you are stuck in a tiny seat for who knows how long. When you go down your ears feel uncomfortable and that isnt really any fun, but the landing is fun though you have to taxi again for like another half hour.

Its like a ride that looks to be real fun in an amusement park, but is uncomfortable and as gentle as a little kids ride.

I like turbulance though. Turbulance is fun.
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Sounds like a great experience! Better hurry up and take the trip to the moon before terrorists manage to sabotage that, too.
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Yeah! I certainly couldn'd turn down an offer like that!
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