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He definitly does look cute complete with his outfit!
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Originally Posted by xocats
Racer is such a handsome boy, nothing could detract from his looks...including the cloths protecting him from flies & they just show how much you love him MA.

Lot's more {{{{{healing vibes}}}}} heading his way, MA.
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Love the pics MA. My prayers are still coming his way............
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I've heard that chickens can keep the bugs down, but I hate chickens, so we don't have any. We have lots of wild birds, though, and LOTS of flies!

I think that outfit is humiliating, but Racer looks good. He looks a little more alert.
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Originally Posted by hissy


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Racer was x-rayed and the coffin bone is still rotated. I have the x-rays loaded on to a CD and you can see the bone has pulled away from the hoof wall, and instead of the bone lying flat, it is rotated right to the point of Racer's sole. There is nothing more to be done at this juncture, but wait and see, and keep the shoes on him and limit his activity-

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Keeping him in my prayers. I so want for him to pull out of this.
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Continued prayers, MA.
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Prayers here as well. Get well soon big boy.
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Of course, Racer has my prayers, too.
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He's in my prayers as well. I can see what a very special boy he is.
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Decide to work a little and see what you miss...IMPORTANT THREADS. Mary Anne, I'm sorry I missed this thread. Healing vibes coming for Racer and strength vibes for you and Mike.
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I've missed the last bit too....loads more prayers coming from here, you hon.
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MA - I'm keeping Racer in my thoughts. He will have the best possible care with you, I hope he comes through
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The poor thing More (((((mega healing vibes))))) coming Racers way
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Thanks guys- I have been more than a little nuts with worry over here-
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(((((MA))))) Lot's more vibes heading Racer's way.
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MA...Racer is still included in my daily prayers. (( ))
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MA, still hoping for a full recovery. Hopefully the TCS magic will work again.
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I'm sorry, MA. I thought Racer was probably getting better until I read this More prayers your way!
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Oh, how I pray for a miracle. Of course, the fact that he is not getting worse is good news, but I sure do want him to heal!

Keeping you and Racer in my prayers, Hissy, with hopes for a full recovery for your beloved boy!
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