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I am devastated to tell you that it looks pretty grim. Racer has sunk on his left foot- and what that means to those not of the horse world, is the coffin bone- the main bone that helps to support his wonderful legs, has pulled away from the hoof wall and is about 1/4 of an inch from coming out through the bottom of his foot. The films are being rushed to OSU to be reviewed by specialists because my vets do not know what to do now because frankly he is not stable, and they can't do anything until he stablilizes. We have him on platforms made of builders foam with duct tape wrapped around his hoof and legs, but it is only a matter of time before he crashes through this support, because although when building and using this foam it is strong, holding up a full grown horse is another story.

I am numb beyond belief after seeing the xrays and can only now just take this one day at a time and Race will tell me when he has quite enough. And when and if that happens, I will tell him he was a brilliant horse, wonderful to own and I will quietly send him on his way with a gentle hug on a flood of tears.
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Oh Ma, I am so sorry..to hear that *HUGS* I am really sending my wishes to Racer...the poor boy. What a trooper he is being. It is amazing what love can do to try to help them through. Whatever the outcome...You are getting many many vibes here from this end. And i know my ponies send their love as well.
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So sorry MA -- many vibes and prayers that it does not come to that, but you will know, and you will continue to do your best for him, no matter what that is.
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Oh dear, that has really made me cry - and at work, too! I HOPE and PRAY that everything turns out for the best - for your Racer and for you. How devastating for you I can't imagine the pain you must be in. All the very biggest hugs and vibes to you and your beautiful Race
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Mary Anne, you know that my heart is with you and that I am praying for both you and beautiful Racer.
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Dear MA, so sorry to hear this. I am praying for him and for you. Hugs
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Oh geez MA, I'm so sorry... and I was coming in here hoping and expecting good news. You're doing great for him and I hope everything works out, either way.
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MA, am praying hard today....both for Racer, and for you {{{HUGS}}}
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I am saying my prayers as well, MA!
I know that you will do the right thing for Racer.
As you already know, we are all out here for you whenever you need support!
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MA...I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you. My heart and prayers are with you & sweet Racer.
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Oh, Racer, I am so sorry you are going through this. It is so heartbreaking to think of such a big beautiful boy in such a critical condition. I hope you can run free through the grassy pastures again. I know you can feel the strength of Hissy's love for you, just know that there are many others out here pulling for you, too. The reason they are called miracles is because there is no earthly way it could happen. I will continue to ask for a healing miracle for you, Racer.
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Many thoughts and healing prayers still coming your way.
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I needed, personally, to understand exactly what all this meant so this link may help the rest of you to see what is happening.


Please stay positive, although it's hard, stay positive. We all care here.
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MA, I am just reading this...I will just continue to pray for you and for Racer...you are both in my heart.
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I'm crying as I read your post MA. I will keep praying for him. It is heartbreaking to see such a fine and wonderful animal as Racer have to go through this, and I know how much you love him, and how much he loves you. I pray to God, that he'll get better.
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I just saw this thread for the very first time!!!

Hissy, I'm not here much anymore, and somehow I managed to completely miss seeing this thread. I feel soooo terrible that I wasn't able to send my prayers and support to you, Mike, and especially Racer earlier, and I'm definitely sending all the prayers and support I possibly can now!

You and Mike are both fantastic and caring people. I know that you will make the right decision(s) for Racer.

Don't give up, keep hoping for a miracle!!!!!!
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MA - I am just reading this thread for the first time - I have very little knowledge of horses and so had to go to find out what it meant to founder. I am so sorry that Racer is enduring this terrible condition. I am not a religious person, but please know that my good thoughts and vibes are with you, hoping that Racer recovers. I know that you will do what's best for him. Hugs to you at this distressing time.

I hope with all my heart that the outcome for Racer is positive.
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Wanted to update this. I have a new vet on this case and a ray of hope. He is convinced that this is not founder, that this is a matter of terribly bruised feet. The coffin bone has not sunk, but it has rotated to the point that it IS about to slide out of his foot. The vet is also convinced that the medication given to help my horse (steriods) has instead harmed him and brought him to this dangerous cliff. I have made the new vet a primary on the case and he and my farrier will be here tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. Racer will be sedated, he will be shoed on his front feet (reverse bars) which are essentially backwards shoes, to bring up his heels and take all the pressure off his toes. The farrier will then do what is called a rolled-toe trim. In the meantime he is being stalled on the softest bedding I can find, his turnout has been filled with sand and he will stay confined till they shoe him. I asked them if he had 24 hours- the bone is so close to breaking through and they were quiet for a minute and said they hoped so. But at least this way, it gives him a fighting chance. Also this new vet has a mixture that he makes up that you spray on the bottoms of the horse's feet to toughen up the sole which I will get today.

A horse carries 65% of all his weight on his front feet. If the front foot does have the bone slide out, I will have no choice but to put him down. Not only would his quality of life be affected, but we would be fighting a lifetime of infection in that foot, and the new vet says that it just isn't worth it and the kindest thing to do is put this mighty boy to rest.
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What a big 24 hours this is going to be for Racer. I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts his way for a good result. Hopefully this will be the thing that does it for him.
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Oh, MA! I cant even imagine how hard this is.
Please know that I am still sending good vibes and praying for both you and Racer.
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I pray that Gods hand will come take hold of Racer's front feet, and hold them strong and steady, and that you will have peace during this very long 24 hours.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I pray that Gods hand will come take hold of Racer's front feet, and hold them strong and steady, and that you will have peace during this very long 24 hours.

I will add my prayers as well, that God will heal his feet and relieve his suffering and yours. May God bless racer and you as well MA. Hugs
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MA...my prayers are with you and your beloved Racer.
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MA, mega prayers heading yours and Racer's way. *Hugs* to you both, what a trying time for you all.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I pray that Gods hand will come take hold of Racer's front feet, and hold them strong and steady, and that you will have peace during this very long 24 hours.
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I'm sorry to say that I don't understand all the horse (language) terms so I googled some terms you've said on your last update. Although this is extremely serious, after reading, I feel more optimistic of his outcome. Too bad you didn't have this doctor called in sooner.

Important thing is he's there now to help. He knows what he's doing and what needs to be done.

I, personally, don't think he'd go through all this if Racer didn't stand a chance. Even if he feels by doing this as his 'last' only chance, he knows this is what WILL help and heal him.

Mary Anne, I know he's going to make it, I have no doubt. None whatsoever!!! And he'll make a full recovery! I know it.




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Thinking of Racer, MA!
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Has anyone heard any update yet?
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There is nothing new here, but if you need a good cry read Hissy's horse site about Racer. She last posted 7/29/05.

I would say that no news is good news. As she posted here, she has a new vet on the case who is offering some hope. Just the same, Racer is a very sick horse, and continues to need a miracle. And I do not know how Hissy is holding up under the strain.

I don't know why loving a horse feels different than loving a cat, but it does. For one thing, they are our height, so they look you in the eye. Their head is over a foot long. They weigh over a thousand pounds, but look to us to fix what is wrong. They have a beauty and a strength, but as Hissy posted, the front feet are especially vulnerable. Their coat usually gleams in the summer sun, but when ill they lose their luster. They are headstrong and can be mule headed, but will beg like a puppy for a carrot. And in a way, the two of you become one when you are riding.

I continue to pray daily for Racer and Hissy, although I often miss the appointed time. I think she is very busy with Racer, and will let us know when she knows, and when she has time to check in.
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