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Got Cats MicroChipped

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Sadie & Dexter were MicroChipped today.
I took them to their vet & had it done. It was inexpensive & did not hurt.
Before I had it done, I checked with my local humane society to be sure that their scanners would read this kind of chip. Both of my cats wear collars with ID tags. I am going to add to their ID..."microchipped."

I need to get new ID tags...what info. do you put on your kitties ID tags?
I feel really good about this. It is another layer of protection in case they become lost.
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Mine only get their name and a contact number.
Ivory and Cassi wear the bright yellow rubber tags that carry their microchip number (the tags came with the chips).
When Ivory is big enough for an adult collar, her new tag will only state "Vision Impaired Requires Meds" and our number.
My old tuxedo cat's last tag stated "Cancer Patient Requires Meds"
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Chester wears two tags. The big yellow one with his microchip number on it and a blue one for his rabies vaccine. Both of them have call numbers that link to a service with my name, number and his medical info. I use both because the microchip number has more information on it and the rabies vaccine is in a specific shape/colour for this year, so a shelter worker would be able to tell from a distance that he's had his shots. I also don't need a bell, because the tags clank together making a jingling noise when he walks
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My cats' tags just have my phone number. The presence of a collar and a tag will alert authorities or other finders that the cat is a pet. The number will tell them who is the owner and make it possible for me to be contacted. I can provide info on licensing and vaccinations.
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Tim...I live in fire & earthquake country. One of the reasons I had my cats microchipped is because, if we have another huge fire or a large phone service sometimes is not available. During our last big fire...hundreds of homes were burned & many human lives were lost. All lost animals were taken to temporary shelters. I'm talking about horses, cows, dogs, cats & sheep. The animals were scanned for a microchip. The ones who had a chip had a better chance of being returned to their human.
I live in a beautiful area but it can be quite volatile. Cats & Nature Rule.

I just took the bells off of Dexter & Sadie's Collars. I was given tags with their microchips. The bells, ID tags with my ph# & the microchip tags were to much. Goodby bells.
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Yeah, putting something on the tag about the presence of a microchip is an excellent idea.
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Thanks Tim...

Originally Posted by coaster
Yeah, putting something on the tag about the presence of a microchip is an excellent idea.
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XO - well done on getting them chipped

I take the bells off of Guin's collars too. They drive me (and him) mad! At first, I kept the bell on but he hated it and would hide in the corner all the time. Now he just has his collar and his magnet (for the cat flap) and he seems to have got used to them now.
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i'm off to buy collars for mine today as i'm going away for a couple of months in sept and leaving them at home with my parents.

I dont like the idea of collars but Jupiter's so friendly i'm scared he'll escape out of the garden and be 'rescued' by someone who doesnt realise he's been microchipped.

I am also worried that my parents wont keep as close an eye on the cats as i do. they cant understand why they arent allowed out of the garden and why they have to be in at 10.30 every night.
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maverick-kitten...When I first put collars on Dexter & Sadie they went nuts. Their insanity lasted for about 2 days then ... no problem.
Don't give in...they will get used to their collars. Just watch them for the first couple of days. You are smart to use some kind of ID for you kitties while you are gone...maybe always. Like Gilly said, they might not adapt well to the bells. Just remove them.
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Do I need to put the yellow rubber tag on Sophie's collar to show she is microchipped? I'm new to the microchipping, she was done at the Animal Protective League. I registered her number at the website and received confirmation. Is the tag necessary for identification?
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It's not necessary, but a lot of animal impounds won't even bother checking for chips, or they only do random scans.
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I want some kind of ID on my kitties that tells, anyone who looks, that they are chipped. Otherwise their chips might be overlooked if they were lost & found.
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WOOPS I was talking on the phone when I typed the previous message & sent it twice...this was the same message so I changed it & wrote this.
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Originally Posted by xocats
I want some kind of ID on my kitties that tells, anyone who looks, that they are chipped. Otherwise their chips might be overlooked if they were lost.
You could have your cat where a tag stating that it has been chipped.

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Both cats have two tags - one with their name (followed by our last name), address, and telephone number, and one that states that they are chipped, with the telephone number and email address of the registry. They're also tattooed, and entered in three registries (two national, one international). Am I paranoid, or what?
Right now I'm thinking about getting collars with their names and our telephone number made up, and just attaching the second tag with the microchip info.
One of the kids next door made up an iron-on decal on her computer with the same info, and put it on their dog's collar. I'm not sure if that would work with a cat collar, because of the much smaller size, though I might try it.
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