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what kind of cat.

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hi i am new to the club i have a big orange tabby and her name is angel. what kind of cat do you all have.
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Hi Angel!
My hubby and I have 5 cats:
Fluffy - black/white domestic medium-haired, female; 4 yrs
Cinnamon - tabby "cinnamon" colored, long-haired, female; 4 yrs
Tigger - brown, spotted female bengal; 1 1/2 yrs
Gizmo - spotted snow male bengal; 11.5 months
Scooter - snow marble male bengal; 8 months old; GIzmo's full brother

You can see mine at my web page, too
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Here is where you can see some of the members in this community cats

member's cats pictures
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Hi. I have 5 cats.

Pepper is a 10 month old male havana brown/domestic shorthair cross.
Mimi is 5 1/2 month old female traditional balinese.
Vader is a male Bombay/Burmese cross.
Tigger is a 1 1/2 year old male tabby bengal. We don't know this for sure, he might be a Tiger Tabby.
Twinkles is a 9 year old female Tortoiseshell.
I also have a dog, a 4 year old male golden retriever
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Jeesh, I read your Thread wrong! :laughing2

I have nine cats:

Job is d/sh gray sea green eyed n/male
Sharky...like his twin!
Elvis...he's part Siamese with the prettiest blue eyes
BrownBrown...brown tortie...just gorgeous mainecoone
Ninya...my only girl..she has green eyes and has little socks on all fours tabby cat
Opie...MY HUGE orange tabby
Murphy he's my caramel tabby
Cash & Cary are twins...they're both tabby's as well..

Have fun posting

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Two and a half cats right now:

Blackie, 4 year old neutered male, black (duh), longish hair

Sparky, 9 month old soon-to-be neutered male (budget issue), gray tabby

Ditto, Sparky's double, actually belongs to a family in the next apartment building over but hangs out over here more often than not

Welcome and enjoy
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Hi there!! Welcome to the site!
Me and Hubby have 6 cats (at present...heh heh heh....)

Boddington - My baby darling mummy's boy, big chuncky black male short hair rescue....about 1 year 2 months old

Merlot (Merle for short) My angel cat, Mostly white with some grey tabby patches, long hair male rescue, about 1 year old

Shandy (stumpy/stumps for short) The rufty tufty cat of the house, small long haired female rescue, sister of Merlot - the same colourings

Monty (zooma for short) The psycho cat. Affinity for headbutting everything....black male Cornish Rex, about 1 year 6 months

Ash - A HUGE male Maine Coon, Blue with white paws and ruff, weighs around 15 -16 pounds...chilled out cat of the house!

Pip (Pipsqueak) The pest of the house, a male shorthair tabby about 13 weeks old .....maniac!! Soooooo cute though, little pixie face!!

Thats it for now!! (There will be more....oh yes there will be more..... )
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I just found a link to some pics of a few of my cats...not all of them though sorry....
Anyway, the big guy in the first pics are of Ash the Maine Coon (the man holding him is his previous owner) then the next pics are of Pip the kitten, and the last pic is Monty the Cornish Rex!! (on a catnip high!! ha ha ha)

Anyhoooo Im yapping on now, so heres the link if you wanna take a peek: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=4935
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At last count:

Baby - orange tabby - 16 yrs old

Lumpy - gray short hair - looks Russian Blue but is not! 11 yrs

Little Red - female orange tabby - stray on the road. About 8 I think.

Bootsie - should be called evil i hate everyone queen - 7 yrs old

Noodles - adoptee from shleter at 3 weeks old - now 20 pounds of bully and monster. She is 2 and has a lot of Maine coon in her - gray/silver

Ripley and Smudgie - born to a feral mom who lives here - 8 months old now. Rip is orange male tiger and Smudgie is gray tabby long hair

On the porch is feral mom - Goldie and one more kit to trap.

Scooter trapped last week in in the kitty condo - they are 4 1/2 months old!

WHEW>>>>>>> add a dog and that is it!
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Susnhine is a spayed 2 year old female. She is DLH w/ yellow eyes.

My new one ( who is still nameless, but I am leaning toward Noelle ) is a spayed 1 year old Calico Tiger mix. She is also a DLS w/ Green eyes.

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Welcome to TCS :rainbow:!!

I currently have 5 ktties, I'd like to have more but Hubby says if I bring home one more hes moving out They are:

Onyx- my all black ,shorthaired,3 year old male.

Loco- my orange, long haired, 7 month old male.

Missy- my calico/tabby, shorthaired, 4 month old female.

Gypsy- my white with black spots and tail, longhaired, 4 month old female.

And finally...Kiri- my all grey, shorthaired, 4 month old female.
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We have 5
Sugarly - the princess of the group is 5 1/2yrs old, white w/ black DSH
Pepperpot - the queen of all she surveys is 5 1/2 yrs old, tortiseshell DSH
Excalibur (aka Scally) is the snuggler of the group & is 4 yrs old, white & oranage, medium hair.
Merlin (aka the evil one, aka moo moo) is 3 yrs, black & white DSH
Striker (aka Gweeky) is the baby at 10 months, white, brown black grey w/ stripes, DSH

Plus 1 very brave Siamese fighting fish!
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I have a 20 month old tri-color marble Bengal boy
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i have 3 babies they are
milly a bengal 3 in april
billy a bengal half brother to milly who was 2 in december
winston a maine coon 8 months.

milly is a real lady cat,billy short for william is just like victor meldrew grumpy all the time,and winston is just a chilled out baby
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Hi angel:

Log me in with the following:

Squirt: big 5-year old orange tabby

Joey: little 2-year old orange tabby

See a pattern emerging here? I am an orange tabby freak. I'd add a couple more, but Squirt would not have it. Have to bow to the wishes of the senior cat in the house. He had a tough enough time giving up the sopt of Alpha male.
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Hello Angel,
I am here with my four cats 2 males and 2 females.
they are all two years old respectively.
here they are:
Twig(or Twinkie cause he loves Twinkies),male,is my grey tabby weighing in at 15 pounds
Rocket, male,is my 10 pound Abyssinian
Isis is my female feral stray(not so feral now that she is inside)tortieshell, and she is a sleek 10 pounds too.
Luna is my other female feral stray I brought inside last year, she is all grey except for the small white patch on her belly, and she is also a sleek 10 pounds...
they are all my spoiled angels
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Hi! Welcome to TCS. I have 4 cats. Fred, 13, started out life as a yellow tabby, but is nearly white with age. Leo, 3, is a huge red tabby, and a big fuzzy baby. Pearl, 1 1/2, is pure white with big beautiful gold eyes. Georgia, the baby, is a gray tabby with white gloves and collar.
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Hi Angel
Right now I have only one cat. Snowball is a beautiful 10 year old male domestic shorthair who is part Siamese. When people see Snowball for the first time they always comment on his pretty blue eyes.
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