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303 cats in Mount Vernon home

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Thread Starter Talk about hoarding! This is so appalling. I really wonder why there aren't stiffer penalties for people that do such things. In particular, they should be forced to see a mental health care professional.
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That is so sad. I don't understand it. How was she even feeding these cats? I mean I can understand wanting to save animals, but that is not doing any good!
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Eek! I just can't imagine!
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Dead Cats Found At 2 Homes
Fairfax Police Discover 246 Cats

POSTED: 5:33 pm EDT July 11, 2005
UPDATED: 5:35 pm EDT July 11, 2005

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Police said the telltale sign was the smell.

Animal control officers in Fairfax removed 187 cats from a house in Mount Vernon, and 59 cats and one dog from a home in Falls Church, officials said Monday.

In the Mount Vernon case, police went to a home on Ludgate Drive, Friday, to find 82-year-old Ruth Knueven living with 187 cats. Officers said the dead bodies of 86 more cats were left in trash bins outside Knueven's home.

Many of the surviving cats were sent to a shelter, but animal control officers said they have to go back and get cats that are still living in the walls and chimney of the house.

Knueven was issued two summonses for failure to care for animals, one summons for failure to dispose of dead animals properly and a petition for being an unfit owner.

In another case two weeks ago, officers found 59 cats and a dog at the home of 58-year-old Jane Baldinger on Hillsborough Drive in Falls Church.

Baldinger was charged with an unfit owner petition and a summons for failure to care for animals.

Officers said they found the bodies of 29 dead cats on the property.

Animal control officials took the surviving cats and dog into custody.

Both homes were condemned.

That is the saddest thing!
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Had to go back and get the cats still living in the walls and chimneys????

Migod..too terrible.
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That just makes me sick, most of the time I won't even look at these articles, I tell you everytime I do my Day is just ruined, It's very sad
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"These people believe that they're doing what is best for the animals," said John Yetman, Fairfax County environmental health specialist and chairman of the county's Hoarding Task Force.

How can they think that is best for the animals. Being cramped up in a house with hundreds of other cats and their waste materials is far worse than being a stray on the street. If these kind of people really wanted to help cats, they would get them spayed and neutered and there wouldn't be so many of them.
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Not best for the animals to be dead in a storage bin either.

- Sorry - this just really ticks me off.
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Yes, these people are truly mentally ill, and more needs to be done to protect animals from them. What is also sad is that there are so many animals available to these hoarders. Here in the U.S. many people live in such large homes & live a good lifestyle, and could easily afford to open their hearts & homes to many, many more animals in need, but instead, they'd rather just hand the animals over (if they've found them, or othewise come across them) to these sick individuals, or to the shelter - let those animals be someone else's problem - they don't have the time, or whatever. "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem". I wonder where the friends. relatives & neighbors of the hoarders were when those poor cats were dying their long, agonizing deaths! Someone must have known what was going on, but lacked the courage, desire, etc. to help these poor animals out. Makes me appreciate the bumper stickers "Get Involved" and "Perform Random Acts of Kindness".
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You are right, CatsKnowMe, it does involve serious mental illness. There is hope for these people, if only someone will be willing to get involved. If this lady had 100 cats removed in August 2001, why wasn't there some kind of oversight? She should have had monthly inspections by animal control. As well as referral to mental health care.

When people cross the line into harming themselves or others, they lose certain rights. When they cross the line into endangering animals, they should lose the right to privacy, and have regular inspections by animal control. These people cannot stop by themselves, and the only way to avoid them from hoarding more animals is oversight, and serious mental help.
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Yes, that's totally gross!
It brings to mind an "Animal Cops/ Detroit" show I saw where a guy had 249 cats-it took the crew 2 days to catch them. The house was UNBELIEVEABLE.
I heard a saying like "If you think a litterbox stinks, just imagine what the cat is smelling, with his sensitive nose."
Poor little ones never had a chance for a normal life, no hugs, no kisses, no clean food or environment, no toys.
What a sad story.
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That's gross
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Me-n-my-guys said it so poignantly, "no hugs, no kisses, no clean food or environment, no toys.
What a sad story." You are 120% right, Beckiboo, these individuals DO lose the right to privacy, etc., in order to protect the rights of the helpless. That's what a good society does, IMO.
post #14 of 17 a time when the Fairfax shelter is struggling to place the cats in it's shelter...this is so tragic.

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And the situation repeats itself. There is another story in the news of a hoarder today, in Houston this time.;bp=t
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Originally Posted by twofatcats
And the situation repeats itself. There is another story in the news of a hoarder today, in Houston this time.;bp=t
"It's a disease. I mean, it's almost a mental illness -- the collecting of animals," Timmers said.
Almost a mental illness?
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What I find additionally scary is reading the comments on the story (in Yahoo!news) - seems like it became a hate-cats-fest for cat haters & dog lovers...It really upset me to read the posts. It is scary to be a cat these days! Why do dog lovers feel such a need to cat-bash?? I've noticed that one rarely hears a cat-lover bashing on dogs!! The classic one that shows their sheer idiocy is comment repeated over & over "Cats are so filthy - they lick their own butts-dogs rule" ---haven't they wondered what Fido uses for his toilet paper???? and what Fido considers a "all-natural treat" - (hint: one version is found when "gold-mining" in the cat's litterbox)....GEESH!:dontknow:
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