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Hi, my name is Meghan and I am a CFA siamese breeder. I only have two females. My youngest just went into her first heat cycle yesterday, and wow she can screem. She has been screeming at the top of her lungs nonstop since yesterday. She screemed all night long. She is crazy she even cuased herself injury after swinging from the curtains. She keeps dashing aroung the house like a mad cat. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can calm her down. She is only seven months old so I cannot mate her for another five months.
My other female Sarah screemed a little during heat but not like this.
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Hi Meghan. What works for me is to enclose my girl Lexus in a cool, dim room with her litter, food, water and favorite toys/blanket. It seems to help calm her of the more destructive behaviors she exhibits in her quest to get to a male. (Lexus is the tart of all tarts when she is in estrus - she is simply horrible! *grin*)
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I did not get a wink of sleep last night. She screamed the entire night. Her voice is so loud that it pierces every wall and door. I think that my spayed male is making her worse.
Is there any safe sedatives that you can give to cats?
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Are there any safe over the counter sedatives you can give to cats. I am a siamese breeder and my youngest siamese just went into her first heat. She is very, very, very, very loud! My other female is nothing in comparision.
She screamed all night long. When you lock her in a room it just gets louder. Please someone help. The noise in intolerable.
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No, there are no OTC sedatives. Some people use Feliway or Bach's Rescue Remedy. I've tried both and I don't think they work, but your results may vary.
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Meghan, with all due respect, having queens go in and out of estrus is a normal and integral part of being a breeder ... and being a ~Siamese~ breeder makes it that much more difficult because of the mouthy way these girls are when in estrus.

Without intending to cause offense, the bottom line here is that you should either be prepared to live with it or find a different hobby. Drugging your girl is simply not the answer. If having a Siamese breeding female is inconvenient to you, then spay her and get out of breeding. It really is that simple.
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As this is a duplicate thread (the other one you left is in the Breeder's Corner) I have merged the two for you.

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Sorry, yesterday night I got no sleep so I was a little iratated. We found a solution. We wear earplugs and lock her in the farthest room at night. Last night was much better.
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