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My ex-husband wasn't really a cat person. We did have my childhood cat live with us until she crossed over. After that, we got a dog. He complained so much about the dog that at 8 months old I finially gave in and found him a REALLY good home with someone else. Too bad I didn't find the ex-husband a good home instead....LOL

12 years later....

My fiancee and I have four kids and four cats. Two kids are mine, two cats are mine. He gets two kids and two cats too. Fair enough He turned 40 this year. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday I was shocked when he said a hybrid cat. So, that's how we got Jesse James. I would love a couple more kids and cats, but we have our hands full enough. We just bought a fixer-upper of a house and we just applied to become puppy raisers for guide dogs.
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Aw poor guy! My man is just so enamoured with cats, sometimes it's easy to forget he's a guy He thinks Tosca is just the best thing since sliced bread - and he's so happy to endure getting hairballs just to give her kisses. She's very much a daddy's princess and she woke us both up about 30 mins ago because she wanted cuddles and she wanted to get into bed between us. Rune didn't even ba an eyelid at rolling over to give her space - AND he was quite happy to have he inside of his ears licked clean (ew). I couldn't imagine living with a spouse who didn't like cats. If you don't like cats, you don't come in
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My hubby sometimes complains that he doesn't like the cats, or that they're too much trouble. But, I ask you, does this look like the lap of a man who dislikes cats?

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