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Why is my kitten not eating?

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My wife and I just recently rescued a little Callico kitten from the Animal shelter. Her name s Chloe and she is about 6 weeks old. We are having trouble feeding her and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips that could help her eat. She is about 6 OZ. too thin for her age and we need to get her to a healthy weight. We have tried mixing KMD with the Eukanuba kitten food and she ate that but will not now and we also tried the same food dry. I have also tried Royal Canin dry and with the KMD and still she refuses. Any suggestion would be helpful.

She was given Strongid T for some sort of deworming. I'm not sure if this is causing her loss of appitite. Her poo is also pretty liquid and sometimes has a string looking thing connected to her poo. I'm just concerned about her weight and how to get her to eat.
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Sounds like she's passing roundworms. You want to have a fecal exam done on her in two or three weeks to make sure all the worms are gone.

As for the eating, she may have a better appetite when she's feeling better. You can try making the food smell more tasty by mixing in a little juice from canned tuna.
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THank you for the advice. I have already purchased some Nutri-Cal so that she can at least get some calories in her system. That way it doesn't place too much in her stomach. I have also purchases some Wet Kitten food that tastes like Tuna and ocean fish. I'm thinking of trying this for the day to see what happends. After that I will try mixing the tuna juice with some dry Kitten food.

Thank you again,
Jeff O
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KMD is a milk replacer ?? if so how about it with canned food a tasty way to get more calories.... Coaster had so good ideas
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Roundworms make kitties feel full even when they aren't. Plus if they are vomiting up the worms, they simply do not wish to eat- If you read this article there are tips within about getting cats to eat-

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Thank you all for the suggestion. She will eat but I'm sure that she is just feeling bad since she is battling the roundworms. I have already given her some Nutri-Cel or the supplements just to give her body some nutrients. Thank you all for your suggestions.
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I wanted to thank everyone or their suggestions. I took Chloe to the Vet on Friday last week and she gave me Hill's prescription diet for my kitten. The cat loves this food!!! Since I have started feeding her this she can't get enough and is eating for two it seems. She is more playful and has alot more energy. Now I'm also mixing some Eukanuba dy food with the Hill's wet food for a little more substance and she is eating that realy well too. Thank you all again!!!

Jeff O
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Did they give her the A/D kind? One of my now-grown boys was a shelter kitten 3 years ago, sick with diarrhea and not eating, and I fed him A/D with a syringe once or twice, and after that he would eat it on his own and easily trasnitioned to regular kitten food. It was a lifesaver for him. Not working as great for my little kitten now, but I think he's got some medical things that need to be taken care of first... my other kitten from the shelter just had not been weaned properly and had no clue.
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