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Barb and i have both tried to access PhotoPoint.com where she had her photos stored. We can't get it to open. Has anybody here any idea what's going on? Have they gone belly up?
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taking all our money with them- God knows what happened to all the photos
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Stored on their server, I'm sure.

Didn't you have copies on your hard drive? But then I'm a freak for saving all that stuff, I'm paranoid about things like this happening.

Any way to contact them, see if they'll forward your data somewhere else? At least e-mail you the pictures?

How horrible. You must be bumming big time.
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Yes I have all of them on my hard drive and also on cd's. See I have a website with my server that is only 10mgs. And I have LOTS of thumbnails on my site (200 or so) that link to the larger photos on the PhotoPoint site. This was saving me much need space and the price was reasonable!! I have about 900 photos on there of plantation homes and etc. Now none of the links work and I will have to find somewhere else either cheap or free to put the large photos on. What a pain in the a$$ this will be to swap all those links!!!!! And no time to do it right now!!!

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