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Experience with a kitten who chooses you

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I am on a waiting list with a breeder to get a Ragdoll kitten. The litter is due the end of August and there are two people on the list ahead of me. Assuming she has four or more kittens, I will get to make a choice. Color patterns and male/female doesn't really make a difference to me. I do lean towards the seal bicolors, but having a loving kitten that will bond with me is more important.

I'm thinking that I would like to sit down with the babies and see which one seems more interested in interacting with me. I would like to hear about experiences from people whose kitten "chose" them. What was your relationship like after bringing the kitten home? Did it bond well with you or was it just a fluke that it seemed to choose you?
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I've always believed that animals choose you. If it's possible to be around the kittens and observe and see which one you "bond" with - great. That's not always possible though.

If you have the chance to "choose" or "be chosen" - go for it. You will have gut feelings and go with them.
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I totally believe in being chosen, not the other way around.

I've never gone to deliberately pick a new kitten
but any cat rescued, I've waited the cat's overture
and it's never been wrong.
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My very first cat when I lived out on my own I got from a friend litter. One kitten had already been spoken for but I could have any others. I knelt down and called the kitten by its chosen name (gender wasn't important) and took the 1st one that came. Her name was MC (My Cat). I enjoyed 14 yrs with her.
The last kitten to choose me was Bakker who I got in November. He kept on crawling up my leg and hasn't stopped his attention getting yet. I've had to get used to kitten licking however!!
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I think letting a kit choose you(when possible), is by far the best way to go.

When I got Dax I had seen pictures of the litter and had my mind set on a very pretty, unually coloured female kitten. When I went to pick her up, the kitten didnt want anything to do with me or my loader. - It was very embarrasing.

Dax was also there running around like a mad fool, and kept coming up to me for cuddles, and jumping into the loader and gazing at me. She eventually fell asleep in there so I figured it was fate and I shut her in and went home.

She didnt wake up for hours and I thought something was wrong with her - I had the carrier on the bed at home and she was still in there fast asleep. Later that evening she finally woke up, stretched casually, and began calmly exploring her new crib!!

"Cool, so this is where we live now!" (that stretching picture in my sig is her first day home)

She was such a chilled out little kitten - she seemed so happy to come with us, and it just seemed like a very natural transition bringing her into the family.

The little beast is now no longer so little and sleeps on my left shoulder every night - she is a very sweet, playfull cat, she likes to hang around us when we are outside in the garden and I have trouble trying to sneak up to the store because she tries to follow me!
Most cats will respond to the way you treat them, but I think there is something special about a cat that chooses you.
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I was in a pet store once picking up bones for my dogs. The pet store had shelter cats that were let loose to roam the store. I was squatting down picking things from the bottom shelf when Max spotted me from across the store. I caught a movement in the corner of my eye and watched this cat run the 100 feet across the store and jumped into my lap, laid down and started purring. I went home, talked to my husband and went back the next morning. Max saw us and came running again. The clerk said he had never done that to anyone else. In my long lifetime of being owned by cats, he is on my short list of best cats ever (second place).

Scarlett was born to a feral mom outside our front door. We had a shelter over the litter to protect them and as soon as they were old enough to venture out of it (about 2 weeks old), she would make a beeline to my husband anytime he went outside. The feral mom disappeared shortly after that and we bottle fed them. She wouldn't have any business with me bottle feeding her - she wanted my husband. Four years later she is still is totally enthralled by him and is his favorite cat in the house. I'm not sure that I've ever witnessed a bond so close between a human and a cat before.

If you are lucky enough to be picked by a cat, take it as the highest compliment in life. You will know when they pick you.
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When we visited the animal shelter, there was a bunch of kittens. We took them all out to play, and we believe Hobbes chose us. He was very clingy with my husband and even slept in his arms, while all the other kittens are crawling around furiously. DH never ever had a pet in his life before, and we take that as a message that Hobbes wanted to go home with us. And he did! He is just the sweetest cat ever, and loves us so very much!!! Now he even cuddles with us in bed We're so glad he came into our lives.
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When I went into the shelter I got elliot at, I WAS specifically looking for an orange cat. They had an orange cat that had alot of white, they had a grey with al ot of white, and then they had elliot. THe people there told me he was the last of the litter, and that no one had wanted him yet because he didnt relaly like to be held alot. But the only thing I cared about was that this little six month old kitten was beating the freaking crap out of th is fuzzy purple little peice of carpet, and I said "I want him." When the guy took elliot out of the cage he had to use gloves and he was really wiggly, elliot almost escaped but the guy caught him again, and he put him in the carrier. I was specifically looking for an orange cat, but I also wanted one that was pretty feisty, as I am a feisty person. I like a cat that can take being played with roughly and can take anything in general. My favorite thing to do to my cats is spank them several times on their bums, they know this is a sign of affection from me and they like it. I also like to play with their faces and make them smile and such. They love that too, believe it or not. WHich is probably why I can cut my cat's toes without a fuss, and baths go by with no incidents. If you are a cat, once you play trampoline with a bed sheet, you can take anything (not that elliot doesnt like playing trampoline, its his favorite game :O)

At the shelter theycalled him Murphy because of this murfff thing he says, so his name is Elliot Murphy Its a cute name.
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When I went to look at my kittens, my two and their littermates were all running around like loons and generally being cute. Alfie came over, climbed on my lap and sat down, and stayed there watching the others. I knew the second he came to me that he was the one, and baby Max was just too adorable to leave! He still does that now, when Max is running around Alfie will bound up onto my lap and lay down watching his brother for ages before joining in and chasing him (and even then he still comes back to me every few minutes, I think it makes him feel safe!)
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My cat Bailey chose me. But not by being the most energetic, or eager cat. I had been looking at PetsMart for months, and knew that I wanted an adult female, and would take one with long hair, because they are harder to adopt, and I already have cat hair all over from Sam. I saw lots of lovely cats, some really cute and friendly, some laid back, some pretty, some very regal.

I knew Bailey was the one, she was sitting in the back of the cage, and looked really scared. There were several other cats that day, who would run to the front of the cage, and reach through the bars to play, and meow and purr. But she sat there, curled up, and stared.

I asked to see her, they put her in my arms, she wrapped her paws around my neck, tucked her head under my chin, purred, and wouldn't let go. They had to pry her out of my arms to put her back in the cage.

The point was, even though she wasn't one to run up to me, and look all cute, she was perfect. I feel sorry for the sad, timid, scared cats who don't get all the attention.

But, the simple answer to your question is, yes, I think cats choose us. If I were asked what kind of cat I would most prefer, I would say, a sweet little calico or tabby with white feet. I have two great lumps of cats, both longhaired, one solid grey, one orange.
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I definitely think rambo chose me. He was in a cage with his whole litter (of which he was the brute and the fighter), but when i picked him up he headbutted me and calmly looked around as if to say "ok i'm ready, let's go". He's become a complete momma's boy (which you never would have guessed from the way he fought with everyone).

I found lucky at 4 weeks old in a ditch, she ran straight towards me (as best she could with no legs!) just crying and crying. She curled up in the front pocket of my sweatshirt and refused to leave even when i went to try and find her owner.

I think it's love at first sight!!
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And you know cats must be a little bit psychic...because they always seem to choose the biggest sucker for cats LOL!
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2 weeks after I moved into my very first aparment. (My first on my own anyway) I was sitting with my boyfriend watching TV. I live in a basement apartment with lots of windows at ground level. (Very attractive prison style bars on them as well woooo) And we were sitting there watching the Daily Show I think when we heard meowing. We got up and found a lovely black kitty pushing at one of the screens. We managed to get the screen partially off and she pushed her way in through the crack, jumped down. She ran around the house with a "Hey, nice place" kind of air. We gave her some food and that night she curled up next to me to sleep for a little while. I named her Shinobi,( it means theif in japanese) because she climbed in my window and stole my heart.
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