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Playing ball

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I caught a couple picks of my silly boy playing his 2nd favourite game...his first being "attack the hand under the covers"

He always puts the balls in the strangest places...shoes, my purse even!

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Aww... That is so cute! He's a very sneaky boy...
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He's a cutie!
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What precious pictures.. My Basil loves putting everything in his water bowl.. Go figure!
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Those pictures are SO cute!! He is a strikingly beautiful kitty!!
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Absolutely and fantastics Shoots!!!! he´s sooooo Gorgeous!!! and looks terrific in those photos!
In Fact I want to play with him right now!!! ..
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Oh my he is goregeous!!
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I love the one of him looking at the camera with the ball in his mouth!
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My cat's do similar things, and I think they "hide" things from us, just for the thrill of it
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