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What is happening to me???

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I think there's something wrong with me... I haven't been feeling right lately... Physically or mentally... My body has been aching and I constantly feel sick to my stomach or like I'm going to pass out... I can't sleep... I barely eat because I have no appetite... or I eat like a pig because I'm bored... It depends on the day... My hands have been shaking, sometimes uncontrollably... I cry at the drop of a hat... I hear a song, I see something and it makes me cry... I'm irritable... I feel disgusting... At work, I can't concentrate... The only thing that keeps me from snapping at someone is having my CD player in my ear, which I have to hide under my hair... I zone out constantly and the only thing that snaps me out of it is someone either yelling at me or tapping me...

Is it possible to develop dyslexia at 23?? because I think I have... At work, I see the numbers the right way but I say them backwards... sometimes I see the number and I say something completely different... It's like my mind isnt there anymore...

What the heck is happening to me????
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Are you hormonal?!
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Have you felt depressed latley?
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I've been feeling like this for a couple weeks so, I dont think it has anything to do with that... Tho, I assume anything is possible... But, I've never gotten like this before...
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If you've been like that for a couple of weeks it might be best to go and get a checkup at the doctors because it could be anything?!
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It could be anything but to me it sounds like you may be suffering from depression going by the majority of the symptoms that you have posted. Please get yourself checked out by a doctor who can advise you correctly.

Take care and if you need any info, let me know.
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I've been depressed for months now... and it seems like every day gets worse... I've been saying that I need to go to the doctor and get a blood test because sometimes I can actually feel the blood working its way thru my head... and I've been getting really bad migraines... but I've been getting those for a year now...
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I agree, Liza. You need to see a Doc ASAP. You've been going through a lot in your life and it has taken a toll on your mind and body. Please take care of yourself, you deserve to be healthy and happy.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
If you've been like that for a couple of weeks it might be best to go and get a checkup at the doctors because it could be anything?!

Would be best to talk to the doc
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Originally Posted by Malakai711
I've been getting really bad migraines... but I've been getting those for a year now...
I suffer from migraine too and it wasn't until I mentioned it to my doctor that he linked it up with my depression. At the worst I lose my sight in my left eye totally if I am feeling bad - it is your bodys way of telling you something is not right and the pain that you feel is expressed physically which is why you sometimes have aches as well.
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At one point the migraines were so bad that I would lose sight as well... There were a few times, way back, when I would get them while I was driving and I would have to pull over and have Adrian drive because I couldn't see straight... That was also at a point when I was having really bad panic attacks, which I havent had lately, thank God... but, that's not any kind of relief because there are other symptoms that have been taking it's place...
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Sounds like hormones to me. You should go to the doctor and get blood work done. In the meantime, force yourself to exercise and eat healthy. That helps.
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That's the other thing... I've been gaining weight... I busted my butt to lose almost 70lbs and I gained some of that weight back... I haven't been eating right and I just dont seem to have the energy to work out...
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Check out this depression assessment and see where you fall...
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Your CESD score is 31

The likelihood that you have major or clinical depression is high. You should see a trained health professional to confirm the diagnosis and discuss what treatment might be best for you. Some people with depression begin to feel that nothing will make them feel better. This is an expected feeling when you are depressed. You need to talk with someone about how depression is treated today and learn more about the large number of people like yourself who have recovered.

The CESD or Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale was developed in the late 1970s and has been completed by thousands of individuals in medical settings and studies. The CESD is designed to find individuals who have major or clinical depression. About 85% of those who score high on the CESD are diagnosed by psychiatrists as having major or clinical depression. On the other hand, about one quarter of those who score high are not found to have depression. Anyone who has a high score on the CESD should discuss their symptoms with a health professional they trust within two weeks or earlier if necessary. Deciding to seek care is not easy because we frequently feel depression will go away on its own. But delaying treatment can be dangerous and help is available.
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Liza, I recently took that quiz, too, and had a similar result. Do you have insurance to see a counselor or therapist? I'm seeing one starting July 19th. There is no shame whatsoever in seeking help for emotional issues and it can do NOTHING but help, trust me!
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I have no problem seeing a therapist... I was actually seeing one back in February and March but I stopped seeing her because she made a comment about having a vision that Adrian and I would commit suicide together... I thought that was extremely unprofessional and decided to stop going back to her... I've been thinking about going to another therapist but I dont have insurance and my father was paying for me to go before... and we both know that's not an option now... So, I have to figure out something... any suggestions?
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Oh Liza.......not advice for you, for obviously reason.... but you has my ears to listen to you.... you´re not alone, and YOU´RE not a crazy person! ...
my thougths with you........
Get well soon...
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Have you checked into any programs for low income people/people without insurance? I agree to see a doctor. They may know of a program that could help. I have also seen counselors in the past. I completely know how you feel about having no energy and all the things you said. One thing that does give me some help is St Johns Wort. My father in law suggested it and I have seen an improvement since taking it. I notice when I forget it too. My husband takes it, my mother is taking it and it's helping her with the mood swings and things from her menopause, and I know a girl who is bi-polar and says it also helps her. I wouldn't 'self medicate' yourself, but it does help. Feel better soon! BTW, I get somewhat dyslexic when I am under pressure and distracted too.
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I think you need to see a doctor and then go from there as far as seeing a therapist. The headaches, weight gain, depression, etc. can all be triggered by hormones. I think it is very important you rule out anything else with your doctor. They will do bloodwork, and depending on the results will request an MRI or CT scans etc. I say this because I am going through all of the same symptoms as you except the weight gain. I am being diagnosed as having a pituitary tumor. There are so many things that can affect your hormone levels and they are things you do not want to ignore such as pituitary disorders, thyroid problems, and the list goes on. It may be that you are suffering from depression, but going to see your doctor would be the first step in diagnosing your problem.
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