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rat poison and my cat

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Hiya all
I hope you can help me, a neighbour of mine has told me he has put rat poison down and i own a cat and i am now worried about how long i should keep him indoors (gonna be alot of grovelling on my part to get back into his good books he dont like being kept inside hehe) i dont want to let him out incase he eats one of the rats or eats the poison
If it was up to me he wouldnt go out anyway but hes never been an indoor cat likes his freedom and prob the extra tins of meat he gets from the neighbours hehe
Anyway i hope someone can help me


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Welcome to the site! I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our experts may be able to help answer your question.
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*sobs* cant anyone help ?
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I honestly don't know what to say. If you have a vet that you take your pets to, I would call and ask.

Part of it is - is this a one time putting out of poison, that will be picked back up if not completely consumed by rats? How long does it take to kill the rats that consume it, and if there a chance your cat will find the dead rat carcass? I just wouldnt let him back out...I'd convert him to an indoor - or put up a cat-proof fence to keep him in your backyard.

Hopefully, someone else will come along with an opinion..this was mine.
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Keep your cat indoors, if your neighbor is laying out rat poison. Trust me, you do not want your cat to die from being poisoned by this stuff. They make it smell like peanut butter and cats will sniff it out and inhale it and in 12 hours be deader than a doornail. You love your cat- acclimate him to being indoors- it is safer.
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Ditto, Better to have an angry cat than the other outcome...
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What kind of fence do you have, enocar? If you have something to start with, it can be pretty easy to convert your yard to a safe cat enclosure. That's what I did. My babies are perfectly happy in the safe backyard. Even if you don't have a fence, it would be worth the money to put one up, or put up a small cat enclosure like a dog kennel. That would be cheaper.
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