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Made A Tough Decision

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Hello all...

It's been awhile since I last posted but I just wanted to come on and let you know that, after a lot of thought, we've made a decision about Angel, the cat we adopted about a month ago.

We're going to have to give her back. We had three adopted cats that we brought into our home last July and they absolutely will not allow this cat to be a part of our family. As we've integrated Angel, each day has been a digression. Now, they trap Angel in our bedroom and will not let her out. She can't eat or go to the bathroom. The only way this cat has any kind of life at all is when we shut our door and leave her to herself. Then she's happy, eats, goes to the bathroom, flips for love, all that good stuff. When the door is open, she goes back under our dresser or bed. If she's out, she gets cornered by our oldest cat.

I can't do this to Angel any more. She's better off with someone else. Luckily, the gal that fostered Angel will not let her go back to a shelter, so she's going to take her for us.

I love this cat so much but I just can't keep doing this to Angel. I know I'm suppose to be patient and let this work itself out, but I just can't see it working out...it's getting worse. It has changed the personalities of my other three cats and I don't like that. It has been miserable since day one.

This is tough on me. I picked Angel. This was my cat. I feel like I've failed and I've spent time with her telling her I'm sorry. She's so beautiful and it's tough looking into that face and telling her we're letting her go. But it's the best thing to do for her.

Thanks for letting me "vent." We're giving her back today.

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Sorry to hear about Angel.
But just to let you know, my 4 cats never got close even after years of living together. They don't cuddle or bathe each other. They sleep far apart. They play with their own toys and by themselves. I am grateful to Wawa, the tom whose been here almost a year, the peacemaker. Before he came, my girls knew that if they fought, the guilty would end up in the "time out" cattery. It is a fenced area in the house. They can see the garden. Being outdoor, they hate being "jailed" even for a few minutes.
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Five years ago, we got our oldest cat, Ace, partially because he was being picked on by the other cats where he lived (at my husband's aunt's house). I know Pam loved him, but she figured going home with us would be the best thing for him. She was right. Ace is much happier now. Well, as happy as he can be; by nature, he's kind of a grumpy old man.

The important thing is that you are doing what you think is best for Angel. Your motivation is the right one.
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