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Gagging and sneezing....

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Luna and Timine have now got over their diarrhea problem...I am slowly switching them back to Royal canin for kitten...and now another problem has come up.
Poor Timine has been sneezing and coughing/gagging since Friday night.
Now, I'm confused, because I read around the site about those symptoms, and I kept switching between being releived and alarmed.
Now, from what I read, it could be...

A difficult hairball (possible, he's got long hair, but I do brush him a lot)
Allergies...(New food? Very humid temperature?)
Asthma...gee, I hope not!
URI or cat flu?
Something worse?

Now, Timine doesn't show any seriously worrying behavior. He is sneezing maybe two or three times a day now (without anything coming out) and when he gags, it only last like 5 seconds, like he was gonna throw up without any results. Other then that, he looks perfectly okay, eats and drinks fine, playful, poops regularly.lol Should I still worry and call the vet, he got spayed about two weeks ago...I wonder if it could be in cause...
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I would speak to your vet
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Yes, I called, and all they could say was to wait to see how it would get...
I wish I could have a clue as to what is causing it...especially the gagging.....
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My Tommy did the gagging thing when he had a cat cold. Took him to the vet and she couldn't find anything wrong. BUT there's no guarantee your cat's gagging is also due to a cat cold. It could be due to other things which I'd suggest you have a vet check out.

I don't think this combination of symptoms is a hairball.
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I'm usually pretty worried about stuff like that...but...he doesn't do it so regularly, so I thought it might go away because I haven't heard a thing all night, and then he gets this lone cough or sneeze in the morning...and you know, vet is expensive...I just wouldn't want to bring him in for nothing.
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