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Negs, how is Tyson doing? I hope the steps you have taken have helped him!
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Tyson is still itching but it seems to be getting better. Less scabs and some fur seems to be growing back. I think the change in food is going to work. Thanks and I'll keep you updated....

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glad he is starting to get better... what food did you put them on???
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It seemed as if he was getting better and now I'm not so sure. Another big scab showed up yesterday on his skin, which means he has been itching again.

Right now he is eating cat chow dry food and I have cut out the wet food for now, as per the advice of someone with lots of experience with ferals. I'm not sure if this is truely going to work but it's worth giving it a try. I'm not sure what else to try

I guess my next step will be special food from the vet
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do you have a petco ???
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Yes, we have Petco and PetSmart here....
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go looks at the Natural balence venison and pea formula .. it will help figure out any allergies( possible) and help with more fatty acids than cat chow...
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What makes the Natural Balance venison and pea formula helpful with allergies? I noticed Petco offers it online if you aren't able to find it at the store.
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the allegy thing is that most cats havent had venison so they cent be allergic since it takes exposure to build an allergy .. just holler if this is clear as mud as it is bedtime/....
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Thanks... I think I will check that out, because it does not seem to be getting any better.

Sharky - I totally understand what your talking about! Thanks
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That's really interesting about the venison! Thanks!
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I just switched Tyson over to the venison and pea food, I also ordered the wet food on-line, he loves wet food!!!! I am so glad that he is not picky because I don't think he likes the food very much but he eats it anyway He is such a good boy. I really hope this works, I will kepp you updated!

On a side note - the food costs lots of $$$$ 15.00 for a small bag, and the cans are $12 for 6 cans...... Anything to make him feel better
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Yes, please keep us updated. I hope it works!
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Yeah I would say it was flees just like we get head lice,,,,we itch itch itch
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Tyson is on his second round of revolution, any fleas that he had would have been gone by now......

The itching doesn't seem as severe but he is still scratching a little.
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I am at my witts end..... I don't know what is left to try. Tyson has been on the venison and pea food now for a couple weeks and nothing seems to be happening. He is still itching and pulling his fur out. And I am pulling my hair out...... What else can I do??????
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Negs, my Cleo had horrible skin problems. Keep up the olive oil flax seed oil ect..That will help. Also after doing a bunch of research and looking for more natural solutions (how I found out about the flax seed and fatty acids ect..) one site I was on which was excellent ..sorry I thought I had it book marked but I guess not. Suggested 2 things that I hadn't thought of or tried. 1) some cats are allergic to ..of all things CHICKEN So I went through all the canned food and dried foods in my pet smart and bought only ones that didn;t have some sort of chicken in it. I literally pulled a can out of everything and sat on the floor and read the ingredients. 2) what kind of dish are you using to feed Tyson? If its porcelin get rid of it. If it is ceramic, get rid of it. If it has any kind of paint on it get rid of it. No plastic either. Glass or metal only. Some of the chemicals in the food and water bowls can cause allergies, rashes and pimples. I did those 2 things and Cleo is much better.
post #48 of 56 hope this helps every one . there is tons of information on here ,even if you don't prefer a hollistic approach. I still use my vet with out question. They still know best, to diagnos a problem or illness. But once I know I will try different options for my babies.
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Ripley - Thanks for the info and the website, it is very interesting.... Have you tried any of these holistic approaches to healing your cat???? What type of food do you feed???

I have ceramic bowls with paint on them, I will get rid of them when I go home and use the glass bowls that I have.
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I am desperate. I am at my last resort, steroid shots. I don't want to do it but nothing else has worked????? There has to be an explaination for the itching and a way to make it stop.

The itching is only located on the back half of his body. Not near his butt, but near his spine and around the sides of his belly. He has NO hair there anymore and continues to itch.

Does anyone have any ideas?????

He has been to the vet many times and she doesn't know what the problem is
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Ask the vet about Z/D ultra food... Has the vet tried benadryl??
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I have an appointment with her tomorrow, so I will ask about the food! We were going to put him on special food!

We have tried various antihistimines (Spelling???)
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Tyson got his shot this morning. He got Depo Medrol. The vet said if this shot works then it is not a food allergy

I am so confused and only want the best for him. I love him so much and he has had such a hard life all I want is for him to be happy and healthy.
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well heres to hoping you get this figured out soon..
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Just an update....

Cross your fingers but I think Tyson may be cured. I have no idea if it was the steroids or the seasons changing?

Thank God
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Glad your little guy is doing better..
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