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Took little "piggy" Scooter to the Vet tonight for a check up. She is soooooo healthy and the Vet fell in love with her. All 5 pounds of kitty mush! My question is this: I forgot (senior moment) to ask how long it takes for the FVRCP vaccination to become effective. Scooter does not show any signs of the resperitory virus that her brothers had. I want her to be healthy when she finds her new 'forever family'

Thanks, Deb
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Well, it's actually after the second booster that it starts to become effective against the upper respitory's. In order for the vaccine to work, it must activate the bodies response a few times. Which is the reason they usually get 3 kitten boosters 3 to 4 weeks apart. Then it's annual to remind the body of what it's supposed to do. I have found over time that depending on the cats immune system from birth is weather the 2nd is sufficient or the 3rd is a must.
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Thanks Sandie - I knew you would have the answer! You are such a wealth of knowledge to all of us here. I will make sure that Scooter's family knows to get her continued on the shots. I always send the medical records that I get from the Vet. I SURE HOPE SHE WILL FIND A GOOD FAMILY! TOO SWEET!!!
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