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finally here safe and sound

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well she finally had her kittens and all three r well and happy

she had them yesterday morning

i never really noticed any signs that she was definately going into labour like the first time just a few changes in her mood so i wasnt sure sunday night she was very fidgety and cudnt settle and she was in and out of my bedroom while i was getting ready for bed she had a very slight discharge the whole of sunday but nothing like the last time. then at 5.15am she woke me up meowing at me and jumping on my bed i didnt realise at first i was so tired id been up all night cuz im really ill with a cold i lifted her tale to take a look and she seemed really wet so i thought this must be it

id made so many place for her to have them upstairs cuz thats where she always lies but again she decided to have them downstairs in the lounge at first she decided to have them on my teddy that my fiancee had brought me its not very big about the same size as her so i had to put a towel under them both cuz i have wooden floor in the lounge but after about 5 mins she moved. she moved another 4 times till she finally settled by the side of our sette on our blanket

i had felt the kittens moving inside her but i was still so worried that she was going to lose them all again or maybe she wouldnt be interested again but as soon as fluid dripped onto the blanket she was licking it so i knew when the babies came she would be fine finally after15 mins of pushing the first one came out (7.15am )she licked it straight away she cleaned it and got it breathing i was so happy she was like a totaly different cat she knew exactly what to do and was doing everything right it is sooooo cute its black ginger and white.

the next one arrived at 9.20am she was slightly longer pushing but everything was fine she cleaned it and got it breathing this one is pure black like its mom and the fattest

teh last one arrived at 11.30am she washed it got it breathing but once she had done that she just lay down and went straight to sleep she hadnt delivered the placenta or chewed through itso the baby was stuck there she showed no sign of being intereed in doing anything she was knackered and just wanted to sleep so i cut the cord and gently pulled on the placenta it wouldnt cum out so i rang the cats protection and they said to ring a vet i thought what the hell ill give it one last try so i gently pulled it again and it slipped out i think she just didnt have the energy to deliver it this one is black and white

mom is very very happy she looks so content finally and she deserves it after what happened last time all day she wouldnt leave them i had to put food right next to her the on the evening i put it outside the box thought it would be nice if she could at least eat in peace for 5 minutes but the second she got out they cried so she got back in so i went over told her they will be fine without her for 5 mins put her by the food and she ate it was if she didnt know if she could leave them and if they wud be ok without since then shes give herself 2 breaks from them and had a lie down with us im so happy for her and im so glad she got to have her babies

thanku to everyone who repled and gave advice/info i hope ill be able to do the same
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Waiting seemed like forever, right? Sounds like your momma is in a very good place and being the best mom there is.

Glad all went well. Enjoy your expanded family.

Edit to add: BTW, good going on helping out with the cord and placenta!
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when can i let my 4 yr old daughter stroke and handle the kittens she is a big cat lover like me very gentle mature for her age and i think shes feeling abit left out i know she would sit still with them shes not likely to jump up with them in her lap
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Congratulations on the new bubs! Please post some pics when you are able! Also, I am sure someone else can advise you about your daughter holding the kittens etc, but I think it would be best to wait a few weeks until mummy cat is comfortable with them being handled etc.... can anyone confirm?
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I'd go by the reaction of the mother. Does the mom cat allow you to handle the kittens now? How does she react to the kittens after you've handled them? The same? Then it's safe, IMHO, to introduce your daughter (with a talk about respecting the mom-cat and being gentle).

I handled the kittens from birth with my mom, and she seems to trust me very much (except when I cleaned off some crust from one of the kitten's eyes - it cried and she promptly snatched the kitten from my palm, trotted back to the box and wouldn't let me touch it for a bit! ).

I just introduced my niece and nephew to my kittens, and started by having them first sit with the mother when she was out of the box, so the mother could feel safe with them. Then I had the kids sit near the birthing box quietly, but not touch. After a while, I lifted out a kitten and let the kids hold it quietly, all the while watching the mother's reaction.

It went well, and though the mom cat showed a little bit of concern on her face, she didn't have trouble with it. We made the handling time short and returned the kittens to the mom right away.
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i have handled the kittens since they were minutes old ive had them on my lap and every day ive been stroking them etc my daughter watched all of the births and stayed with her throughtout the whole of her labour she has stroked my cat while she is with the kittens just not touched the kittens yet my daughter and cat are normaly unseperable she always has her in her arms except since she has been pregnant so its been a while. ill give it a go later when she comes back from her nans

i have another male cat who lives with us since she has had her kittens i have only let him in the house for food and only in the kitchen cuz the rest of the house is open plan so i cant shut the mom and kittens in the lounge when can i let my male cat back in the house with the other cats when will he be safe around the kittens cuz ive heard he will attack them to get to the mom plz let me know im trying to give him as much attention as possible but im worried cuz hes shut out he might run away, the father of r kittens was another male cat of ours that died when mom was about 5 wks pregnant so all r cats r very special to us at the moment especialy these kittens
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Tell your daughter that she can only touch the kittens when you are with her. Take one out and let her touch it, then perhaps get her to sit down and place it in her lape. Just take small steps and be gentle - I'm sure it will all go to plan. Just some ideas.
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Congrats on your new babies! I have kids, too, and while I let them see the kittens, I only allow brief petting while I hold the kittens at first. It is so important, especially for a young first time Mommacat, for her to be comfortable with the kittens care.

And although my children are pretty well-behaved, and used to pets, it only takes a tiny mistake to harm a kitten. So they don't get to be alone with the kittens for several weeks. I think brief checks and brief handling are best at first. As they get older, your daughter will probably be doing more handling than you! And her gentleness will help them be nice kittens. At four, I would not leave her alone with the kittens for quite some time. She is just a baby herself, and if she is scratched by a kitten could drop them or something. Better safe than sorry.

I may be more picky about this than other people, and only you know your daughter. But trust me, if she accidentally hurts a kitten, she would be crushed. Better to keep them and her safe, IMHO!
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I only let my 4 year old niece see my kittens when I'm in the room, where I can grab her, and or the kittens.
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Is your male cat normally outside? and is he neutered?

My male is the father of the kittens and he's always loving on them, they are now 9 weeks old and one of them is a daddy's girl always following him around. (He is now neutered btw)

They were kept in an extra large dog crate at first and he could see them and smell but not touch. Mister hissed at the kitties when he first saw them and also at Missy but since then it's been nothing but good.

Once they started moving about he was closely watch but like I said no problems, he seems to love them.

However your situation is a little different seeing as your male is not the father so I really don't know about that.

Is there a bedroom you can keep him in so he's not outside all the time? Or put the momma and babies in the bathroom or large closet?
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ive tried moving her but when i do she leaves the kittens even if i lock her in a room she gets out her box and waits by the door the male isnt really inside alot but it depends on him hes never in at night and he hasnt been neautered im getting him done when i get the mom done ive been brining him in the house and locking him in the kitchen with us when were in there or in my sons room when should i let him see the mom and kittens he and the mom have seen each other and had a few kisses shes a terrible flirt but he hasnt seen the mom and kittens together
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I wouldn't let the male around the mother until he is neutered, she can get pregnant again right away.

You might want to try a large dog crate if the momma won't stay in her box, that way she can still see you but can't leave her babies. My momma didn't want to be alone so I used a crate and it worked out great. If you do this remember you'll have to let her out several times a day to stretch, walk around etc. while the babies are sleeping.
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Please do not let an unneutered male around your new mother cat and babies! The least that will happen is that she will get pregnant again, which will be hard on her since she is caring for the other litter. The worst is that he would kill the kittens to make her more likely to go into heat.

I don't know for sure how often this happens with pet cats, but cats are animals, and act on their nature, not in what we consider to be a civilized way. Please don't let him near the babies or Momma cat!

(I have neighbors with barn cats, and they lost two litters this spring when a male cat killed them. It does happen!)
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