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Kitten seems kind of small...

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My new baby, Lola, is about 3.5 months old and weighs only 3 pounds, one ounce. You can't SEE her ribs, but they're fairly easy to feel, and the bones near her tail seem a little too easy to feel as well...it seems like the fat cover is pretty small...or I could just be used to my giant 15 pound tabby boy.

Right now, seeing as how I got her on Saturday, I am still feeding the Science Diet they had her on in the shelter. I'm in the process of switching both of my kits over to Nutro.

Does that seem really small to any of you for her age? She's smaller than her sister, but that could be for any number of reasons, and I have yet to find online what the 'healthy' weight for a kitten her age is.

If she IS small, how can I get her to put on some weight? She'll pick at wet food, but she seems to prefer the kibble. She drinks plenty and uses her box. She was treated for worms and coccidia early in her little life, but has had several subsequent negative tests for both after being treated and doesn't seem to display symptoms of either.
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It think it depends on many factors, bone structure, body type, genetics, etc., but I would say that sounds about right for a kitten this age. If you are at all concerned that Lola doesn't weigh enough, you could call your vet and ask what you should feed to help her get the nutrition she needs, but I would suggest either Nutro - either Natural Choice Kitten both canned and dry - or Royal Canin Kitten 34 dry along with a good, high-quality canned kitten food. (I don't know if RC makes a canned kitten food - do they???)

Hope this helps,

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I think that sounds right. I agree with Gaye. Sara was about 4lbs at 4-5months(when we started feeding her Nutro Kitten Dry) and then at about 7 months she started packing on weight.

I would think she is perfectly okay!
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