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osiris kitty keeps pooping in corner wont use litter box

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I need some help my new kitten osiris wont use the litter box i have for him could it be that it is also used by my two older cats ? He tends to use the same corner of my couch to do his bussiness, It is quite frustrating, I have taken to also using a spray bottle of water is this a ok way to train him from going back there?
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Here's a good website to check out about this. Sometimes kitties get very finicky about exactly how their litterbox is set up, and where. You might want to (at least for now) set up the litterbox where Osiris is going, if it's in a certain spot.

My boy, Hobbes, did the same thing, and it turned out he wanted one litterbox to poop in and one to pee in, he didn't like hooded litterboxes, and he liked it pristinely clean. I found a couple websites that helped me understand exactly what it was that I could try that would help, and it really did. One good thing is the fact that he's now outgrown his pickiness about wanting two and wanting them in such perfect condition, now that he's about a year old! Hopefully Osiris will do the same!

Here are a couple websites that should help:




A couple tips:

Cats don't usually like the plastic liners some people use in litterboxes.

Some cats don't like the hooded boxes.

Cats at times don't like the box to be anywhere that they also have to eat and drink.

Sometimes the problem is just that the box isn't somewhere private enough. They only like to "go" somewhere that is low-traffic, quiet, and very private.

Hope all that helps!
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How old is this kitten first of all?
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my kitten osoris is a mo old

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Thank you for the advice i will take those suggestions to heart and see if these will help alleviate the problem
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You have a four week old kitten and you are spraying him with water because he can't use the litter pan? For pete's sake he is so young, his mom should be the one showing him how to use the litter pan! If you are using a regular size litter pan, he won't use it, because his little legs won't be much help letting him over the sides. You need to go down to the local grocery store and buy a couple of disposable cake pans, fill those with litter, and when you feed this kitten, do so in a small room with the food and the litter pans in the room but not close together as this is a health hazard. Then let him out after he has used the pan(s)
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Iam ashamed and i realize that i need to make some corrections in my way of training him. and yes the box we have been using is one of those big hooded ones with the new fangled filters on em, my guy cut it dowm some so he could use it better he did today but then went back to using the couch. I will not be using the spray bottle any more thanks for the correction
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I just hate spray bottles they are really mean IMO- and for a baby kitty to be sprayed- not fun at all.

Your kitten should still be with mom- and yes I know that sometimes this can't be- so you just have to have patience while he learns and grows, and allow him to have accidents. I have 6 orphans right now they are just five weeks old, but they are are litter box trained because I gave them cake pans to do their business in and it made the process easier for them to learn. Also, please don't use clumping litter- kittens like to sample litter sometimes, and clumping litter inside a kitty can do some damage-
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Hissy thanks for your advice i also wanted to know what would be the best litter to use for all my kitties , especially when it comes to absorbation of smell
] nyzki
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Where did you get Osiris?
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osiris was a kitten from a coworkers sister of my guys wow what a mouthful that was lol
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I am curious do you have more of a shedding problem with persians than other breeds of felines?
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