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New Family Member

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So, I took everyone's advice and went to look for a new kitty today. ( For those of you who didn't read the thread last week, my littlest one Simon was killed ).
So, I went to the local "shelter" here. Let me explain, its a lady who owns a home. She has been taking in strays and abandoned animals for 20 years. She has converted her garage to a large "animal house". I was a bit overwhelmed when I was in there. She has ( no exageration here ) about 40 cats, 10 bunnies, 1 duck, and 20 guinnea pigs. They have an outdoor fenced in area as well, but today was pretty cold and everyone was inside!! Holy CATS!!

ok, so I was there for a looooong time. I was really intent on picking out just the right one. All of her animals are spayed/nuetered, all vaccinations current, Feline Leukemia and Aids negative. And all seemed happy and healthy. I looked and looked and looked. I really liked this 4 year old neutered male. He was part persian, completly white and absolutely gorgeous. But I really was nervous about him spraying because she told me he was only recently neutered.
I finally decided on a 1 year old spayed female. She is part calico, part tiger. Beautiful markings, and striking green eyes. Very pretty and the lady said she was quite a sweetie.
So, she is in my basement now. Acting pretty skiddish and shy. I hope she ventures up here soon. I separated her and Sunshine, but before we managed it, quite a bit of hissing went on.
But I know they will adjust soon enough.
I'll post some new pics soon.....if she ever comes upstairs.
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That's great news! Calico with green eyes sounds beautiful! Very much looking forward to pics and more info.

In the wake of recent events, what a great way to start the new year!

Good luck with your new baby!


P.S. Does she have a name, yet?
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Congrats on the new kitty! I'm sure she'll adjust fine. They just take time sometimes. I can't wait to see a picture, she sounds beautiful!
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that is wonderful!

what is her name?
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Daniela, I am so happy for you and your new baby!!! What will you name her? We want to see pictures, too!
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they'll get used to each other, just let them take it slow with plenty of time to cool off between meetings.

I had the sweetest little calico for a while (Blackie's mother, in fact). She adopted a lady upstairs from our apartment in CA, and when she bought a house we let her have Patches as a housewarming gift. they are both very happy together. So I think calicoes are just the best, sweetest, cutest cats ever.

Except for the one right here who is begging to be petted . . .
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Well, the name on her adoption papers say Candy. I am not so keen on that name. I would like to name her Noelle, in light of the holidays.
We will think about it for a while.
Her and Sunshine came face to face for about 3 minutes tonight in the kitchen ( supervised of course ). She ( new one ) seems to be a little timid of her, but there was no fighting. Sunshine did hiss one time when she got a bit too close, but no fur was flying!! Thank goodness. Right now, my new one is hanging out in the basement, and Sunshine is out cold on my bed. We'll see how tomorrow goes, I assume in a few days they should start warming up to each other. At least, I hope so!!! I can't keep them separated long due to the way my house is set up. The only place to really isolate, other than the bedrooms ( and that really doesn't work w/ kids ), is my glassed in porch. Its quite chilly out there at nighttime right now, so I don't think that will work. For today we used the porch and the basement w/ a gate. But I am not really liking the idea of doing this for weeks........maybe days is ok. It has to be, or we may have a messy situation!!

For anyone who is reading this in the MA or New England area, this shelter I went to has a TON of homeless kitties who need good homes. Please please please go and look if you are close by. There are so many, and all of them had just the faces of angels. As did all the other animals, especially those adorable bunnies.
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Daniela - oh boy!!! Another babe finds their "forever family". I am so thrilled you have chosen a new kitty.
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What wonderful news!! Your new kitty is probably feeling overwhelmed right now, but I'm sure she will fit right in once she feels at home!!
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You're soo cooooooool!!! My little cat lover :laughing2 :laughing2 I'm so happy for you!! I love the name Noelle. I'm sure your girls will be getting along soon enough. I'm sure I told you this already, but get some pics!!!

Love ya!
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That is wonderful news. I do like the name Noelle, but I would probably be tempted to name her Moonbeam to go with your Sunshine. Then you would have night & day covered.:tounge2:
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