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Older cat refuses to accept kittens

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I got Sunshine from my mom when I bought my new house for a companion, shortly thereafter I got a new kitten, shortly after that i became married and my husband moved in with his cat...Sunshine accepted these new arrivals in stride. We got my husband's cat neutered but when it came time to get the new kitten fixed (by then she wasn't a kitten anymore) we discovered she was pregnant and decided to proceed with the pregnancy and get her spayed after the kittens were born. She delivered 3 healthy kittens and we fell in love with them and decided to keep them all. The problem is that Sunshine has never adjusted and every time she sees any of the kittens she hisses and runs away, she also tends to stay away from the house more. When she's in and we're alone she's the same loving cat she always was but I want my family to get along...is there any hope and are there any suggestions out there???[IMG][/IMG]
This is Sunshine
These are the babies
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I don't know much about kittens, but I wanted to bump this up where others are more likely to see it.
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How soon after giving birth did you get Sunshine spayed?
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Sunshine was spayed before she ever had a litter, they are not her kittens
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Oops...I misread that...sorry! Sounds like the typical female-cat-letting-you-know-she's-not-willing-to-take-care-of-the-kittens scenario. Things should get better when they're not so kitten-ish. In the meantime, it's just her dealing with the frustration of having kittens around. Older females tend to react that way. She was ok when they were first home, and I think changed because she realized they were there to stay. Kinda like...wait, you mean they LIVE here?! Lol...as long as she's not flat-out getting into actual fights with them (aside from the occasional paw slap or two when they invade her space...as kittens do), things will get better.
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