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Bengals !!

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Anyone else have a bengal??? i looooove my bengal baby! even tho he has a mild upset stomach i think...i have a blue marble bengal and i loove him i cant wait to get a brown spotted sister for him some day! as you can see in my signature i also have a pembroke welsh corgi!!! they are brothers and best friends!
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Chiclett, that is super cute. I love your poochie!
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THANKS! yea i wish there was a www.dogsite.com so i could chat with dog lovers also! ! lol
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I saw the word begal and I had to come in. He's beautiful!
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Yeh i'm a crazy bengal addict too!! My two boys sure do keep me amused!!!
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Originally Posted by chiclett_33
THANKS! yea i wish there was a www.dogsite.com so i could chat with dog lovers also! ! lol

There is one, but nothing like this site. I think TCS is one of a kind.

Dogster.com is just "ok" you get lots of cute mail for your dog and can exchange notes, but there is not any Forum(s). Our Sandy puppy is on it.
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sweet! thanks!i know i loove this site i forget how i even found it? Lol. just browsing online.
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I have one Bengal, and two Siamese. I have to say I adore my little Bengal boy, but he sure is a handful.
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I have a F3 bengal boy, and yes, he's a handful!! But, he's a sweetie My mother has one of his littermates as well as a seal point lynx snow bengal. She's just gorgeous!
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I always thought if I was going to every get a purebred I was going to get a ragdoll but lately bengals have won me over. How are their personalities???
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any and every cat can be that 'special one'. with bengals: for those who enjoy the exotic look, possible water loving, toy in mouth carrying kitties, bengals are it! haha. im no professional. but you can just type in bengal cats in yahoo and read breeder websites on why they are special. i had a siamese and orange tabby that i loved to death too. but the smooth coat of the bengals is lovely! (i know there are other breeds that have soft coats but i dont research all the breeds. i know blue russians have unique coats and rexs) just seeing river being pouncy on his fellow canine brother phoenix, and carrying and dragging toys (be it his or the dogs!) is just hilarious. i havent tried giving him a bath yet so who knows if he'll enjoy it, haha. but i've seen pics of bengal cats swimming, and one breeder told me how a buyer said her bengal jumped in the bath with her!! lol
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