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kitty kitty food

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i was just curious if anyone has certain reccomendations for cat/kitty food. i heard a speech about pet food and all i can say is i DO NOT BUY any food where the first ingredient ISNT MEAT, for example, it the first ingredient is corn or some by product, no way jose. i wish everyone could have heard this speech because it went very in depth to what crap can be put in, and said to only buy food where the main ingredient is some type of meat. i get iams puppy for my pup and purina one formula for my kitten. im very biased against the corn thing. and while i hear science diet is supposed to be one of the best, the orignial version starts with corn and i forget where the meat comes to play or by-product stuff. if there was a way i could even cook my animals regular healthy food i would, or every now and then without 'spoiling them'. i was just wondering what peoples opinions were with food. i like the iams and purina, or any other one that has chicken or meat as the main ingredient. i wish i remembered more of that speech. its funny too cuz when i worked at this vet as a kennel person, this man came in with an 8 week old black lab pup. and he asked us what kind of food, and i was standing next to the receptionist and almost blurted "i give my puppy iams!" and the receptionist started boasting about science diet (obviously because we carry it) even tho this is a cat site i thought it was funny, lol.
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I as well as many have learned alot about food for the furbabies... All I can tell you is to read the ingrediants and see that most foods are similiar .... some readily avail that arent ... Nutro, Natural balence and Royal Canin... these brands have no by products or chemical pres., and have meats from decent to good sources...

I dont like corn as an ingrediant and dont give it to my "kids", Royal canin has some corn in some formulas but is far better than what you have now... which likely reads chn corn and then by products..

Please forgive grammer and spelling mine arent good but it is now after 1130pm
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