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stupid ???

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How do you brush a cat???

My animals all run when I have a brush in my hand( no I dont hit them).... I need to know how since Kandie has gottenn some hairballs since my mom cant brush her... I have a flea comb, three slickers of different sizes , and a couple weird plastics ... Kandie has long slick hair and she likes to walk away when I try to brush her... Is that normal... Zoey and Gigi stand there once I catch them

Thank you in advance
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Have you tried a Zoom Groom? Most cats loved being brushed by them.

Also, you may be brushing too hard. Try short, light strokes. Stop brushing if the cat gets antsy.
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thank you... I think i will get a zoom groom and try a lighter touch..
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Zoon Groom! Yep, this one is a hit, even with the one who hates brushes.
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Another vote for Zoom Groom. I couldn't touch one of my boys until I got that and now he lays right in front of me waiting for it.
I follow up with a comb and then give him a few treats.

Now a brushing all means good stuff to him.
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We use something that looks like a carding comb (think it's the same as a SuperSoft Slicker but I'm not sure). Before that we tried regular comb (they hated it!), brush (a brush does nothing to Perser fur!) and a grooming glove (but it only took the fur that was loose on the top of the fur).

One of the cats love being combed with the carding comb, one is okey with it and the cat with perserfur accepts it if we distract her by scratching her head (which is a great improvment because all she did before was swat at the combs)
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Just be prepared to be covered in fur and don't worry about. I let the cats tell me what I can and can't do, and I do it regularly, and they still have a ton of loose fur.

I will use a flea comb, not sure why, no fleas, but I do it.

I have a comb that is a round metal thing with jaggedy edges. It gets out lots of loose hair, like the zoom groom does. I'll use that too.

Then I'll move on to the small slicker brush which grabs those loose hairs,

and hopefully I can still hold on to the cat and do a quick brush with a "normal" brush to just get the last of the hairs off and make him/her look decent again.

Of course at this point, I'm a mess....the area is a mess....hairs are flying all over, maybe I have a scratch, hopefully not.....it never ends (and yes, I do it regularly, and it still doesn't seem to help.)
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Thank you all

I got a zoom groom and all kids like it
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Glad it works out for you. Zoom Groom is awesome!
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