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Mold in cat litter!

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I took my cat to the Vet today. We are trying to figure out what could be causing her to have irritation on her underside and hind legs. There are several guesses - but the one I am leaning towards, is an allergy to mold!

The areas of irritation are ones the would press against cat litter when a cat is using it. With many litters, you only scoop out what is dirty, so mold could be growing.

I just wanted people out there to know, in case you ever see a problem like this. I'm not sure how one would combat it, other than changing out the entire litterbox regularly...has anyone out there heard of this before?
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heard of it yes
since i use chn feed I always check for mold
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I hadn't heard of that before...I will have to watch out for that!
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I haven't seen mold in the box, but I have in the little garbage pail I keep next to the book and also in the recepticle where the soiled litter gets dumped in my automatic box. If soiled litter is in either for more than two days it gets moldy. It's awful!
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Yes, I have mold growing in the storage container I dump my scoopings in. Gross. I'll bet there's mold spores in the clay, and the warm, humid weather probably gets them growing. I think I'll start changing out my litter more often until it gets cooler.
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