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Found a kitty. What do I do??

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On my way back from the store, there was a little cat meowing and walking towards me. So of course I petted her and she wouldn't stop rubbing against my legs and begging for attention.
When I walked away, she followed me. She kept walking with her tail kind of curled against her back. Could that mean she's in heat? That would explain her being so affectionate. And attracting the attention of another neighborhood cat. When I saw the other cat close to her, I decided to pick her up and take her home (if she is in heat, it's probably a good start to get her off the street for now)

It does seem to be a female. Most likely adult but not very big. I have her in my bathroom and she's happily eating the food I gave her. One of her eye looks kind of funny. Maybe infected.

I live in a one bedroom apartment and I already have two cats. I don't think I can keep her. I'm not sure what to do with her. There are no no-kill cat shelters around here.
It'll be really hard for me to even keep her while I look for her owners (if she has any)

Any suggestions?
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There's what I mean by her having her tail curled against her back:

And here's a picture showing her eye:

By the way, I'm located in North Bay, Ontario. Nowhere near any other major cities.
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Can you make a flyer using one of the photos? That way you could post the picture around your neighborhood in case her owner is searching for her.

I'd be willing to do it for you if you like, send me a pm with all of the information and your email and I will work something up on a Word Doc that you could print out.
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I have never seen cats with their tails up like that. She looks like a squrrel.
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Marie...I would also keep her seperate from your cats until she has been seen by a vet. Also...I would contact any ACOs in your area to see if someone is missing a cat. Give it a few days...if you aren't contacted....I would certainly get her spayed and see about finding her a new home.

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Thanks. She is separate from my other cats (she's in the bathroom right now, I might move her to the bedroom tomorow)

I'll call the humane society tomorow and see what they say. I'm not sure about giving her to them because they're not a no-kill shelter but I might have to.
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She is one beautiful cat! I've never seen a tail curl like that before. Maybe it's just a quirk of hers.
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Usually, when a cat's tail is puffed out like hers is, it can mean she is afraid and uncertain which she may well be - not so much afraid of you as the fear of what is happening to her. She may be lost or perhaps someone dropped her there, sigh!! A curved tail CAN mean she is curious and put all together (and I am no expert on cat communication but have read prodigiously on the subject and it intrigues me), this kitty may be curious about the new surroundings and afraid at the same time. I have never heard of a tail position alone indicating she's in heat other than it being straighht and erect at that time.

I agree that she needs to be idolated from the other cats and then takebn to a vet to make sure she's OK = it's wonderful of you to take her in. It always seems to me most cats know what home to go to when they need help. Call the local rescues and see if someone is missing a cat and hopefully you may find her family!!

Good luck!
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Well, the little girl is gone now. The people from the humane society picked her up a few minutes ago.

I feel really bad about all this. This sweet girl trusted me enough to follow me home and I'm not sure if I did the best thing for her. The humane society isn't a no-kill shelter. I think her chances are good though. She's very affectionate. If she has owners who miss her, they will be able to find her there. If not, hopefully someone will adopt her.
Still, I'm not sure what will happen to her.

Thanks everyone for the help and advice. Please send some good vibes her way.
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I'm wishing the best for the kitty...I hope you get a chance to print out the flyer I made for you and post them in the area where you found her. Her family may be out searching for her today.
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It's sad that you weren't able to keep her. But I foster cats, and know how difficult it is to keep them totally separate. And there are diseases that you can transmit from one cat to another on your hands or shoes.

Please do follow-up with the shelter to see how she does. Then if it comes down to her possible being PTS, you will have to option of intervening!

Best of luck to your pretty girl. Garfield holds his tail up over his back when he feels really confident, but not as far as that girl!
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