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Howdie Everyone

Happy New Year to all !!
I hope everyone and their kitties had a nice time during the holidays.

I'm new to this forum and so I wanted to introduce myself and my cats.
I have 2 cats, one girl "Bessie" and one boy "Corky". They are my babies, I absolutely love and adore them and they also get along so wonderfully

During the night both of them sleep in my bed. They usually sleep throughout the night but sometimes they decide to play and chase each other. Last night was one of those nights and Corky decided he was going to jump off of my face while I was sleeping and has left 2 deep and long scratches along the side of my face I had cried out in pain and both of them came running to me to see if I was ok and Corky even came and sniffed my face :flower: How can u possibly be upset I think I'll just have to starf wearing a helmet to bed

Anyhow, this forum seems really great, I'll be going around checking things out
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Welcome, Christina. I'm sure you'll find this dite to be a wealth of good information, and make some new friends while you're at it. If you have any questions about how things work, don't hesitate to ask. Have fun!
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Welcome Christina! It is a great site & I am sure you'll get lots of info & meet some wonderful & crazy people here! I also started with 2 cats - now I'm up to 5. I look forward to your posts.:tounge2:
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thanks for the welcome guys

I've been going around checking things out and this site is really great and so is the forum

Everyone here seems to be really nice - I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that you are all cat lovers ))

:daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy:
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Welcome Christina!!! I'm glad you have joined us, and I look forward to hearing more from you!
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Hello and welcome Christina!!! Nice to have you with us!! I too started off with 2 cats..... now I have 6, Boddington, Merlot, Shandy, Monty, Ash and Pip (I had three others too, Tetley, Brandy and Ebony...now they are my 's...)
Its great to have all these new members joining us!! Hope you stick around and post often!! Lots of fun to be had here!!

(and Ady, I hope you were'nt referring to moi when you mentioned the "crazy" people on this site!! )
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Maybe Bod, I was referring to myself!:tounge2:
It takes one to know one - isn't htat the old adage.
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Oh thats all right then...if you meant yourself!!....... hey wait a minute...... Now you ARE implying Im crazy!!!!! dod odo do do do dum de dum doooo dum .....me craaaazy? I think NOT!! :laughing:
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