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Preparing cat carrier

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Hey all

I am getting ready to move with kitty on Thursday. I already have my flight booked and because my kitty is so big he will have to travel in the cargo area of the plane

The question I have is how do I prepare or set up his cat carrier for the trip. In particular what should I do about the possibility of a #1 or #2 accident?...special pads for the carrier?


Miss Mew
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Sorry, not a clue, but good luck!
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a bed area like a blanket, a small litter box or a potty pad and a few favorite toys that cant be easily destroyed
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I was considering lining the bottom of the carrier with baby diapers...cut to fit of course??..does this sound like an option??..anyone else done that?
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You can use disposable puppy pads, diapers, or chucks- You shouldn't stress out, your cat already knows something is up and if you start stressing she could hide and you might not be able to find her-
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I just sent a kitten to California in Cargo so I have a little knowledge.

I put a soft fluffy towel in the bottom of the carrier and a T-shirt that I had slept in on top of the towel. I put a small plastic dish of litter and a toy. I did not put food in as the trip was only 4 hours. I did however need to have water. I bought one of those bottles that you use for guinea pigs that you fill and turn upside down. It leaked a bit, but the airlines had a small plastic dish that fit right on the bars of the carrier so I got that and put it under the nozzle of the bottle and the drips went into the dish.

The other thing you must ensure is that the carrier you have is "airline approved". I had to buy a special carrier at the local pet store and it had to have specific fastenings and also be the proper size for the cat.

The carrier (for Air Canada anyway) had to have a Metal door and had to have vents all the way around the sides and back. It also had to have secure fastenings all around - not the little plastic pegs.

The best thing to do would be contact your air cargo people and they will give you lots of info.
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