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New pictures of Clover, Cricket, and Gonzo!

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Hmmm, I'm not sure about him, mom. Clover can't decide whether she likes having a little brother or not. They did sleep near each other tonight for the first time, however! Hah, Clover didn't growl or hiss at him either!

Which dog did you let in? If it's Jackson, I should probably run now. I had just let Gonzo in my room. She was probably trying to see if it was the dog she loved or the dog she hated. Silly girl.

I'm so hungry I could eat a whole cat! Nah, just kidding! Gonzo and Cricket sitting next to each other. Gonzo had not eaten yet when this picture was taken.

Mom, come on! I just woke up! Cricket had just woken up. Lots of yawns! Gonzo just wanted me to stop taking pictures and feed him already! He's such a little piggy!

There! You got a good one of the both of us together. You can stop taking pictures! After much effort, I was finally able to get a picture of them while they were both looking towards the camera.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

XOXO's, Emily
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I am weak with cuteness. Adorable pictures of your sweet babies.
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Thank you very much!

I just got a few shots of Clover and Cricket sleeping together! I repeat, sleeping TOGETHER. Both are purring contently, too! Wow, I never thought I'd see the day that Clover snuggled up to another cat. So, look for more pictures on this thread in a couple of hours!

XOXO's, Emily
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They are very cute! And such cute names too!
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Those were some lovely pics.... Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my Heavens, that is a cuteness overload!!! I love it when they are yawning together! Is Cricket a cockapoo?
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Gorgeous! That last one is perfect!
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awww, they are adorable!

i just love it when cats and dogs get along, it's sooo sweet

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I'm so glad that they are getting along! I never really worried about Gonzo and Cricket, though. Gonzo is a VERY friendly dog!

By the way, Cricket is that kitten. Gonzo is the dog. He's a Bichon Frise. :-)

The other pictures of my cats sleeping with each other for the first time will have to wait until tomorrow! I'm tired! Goodnight... rather... good morning! It's 4:30AM here! I'm going to bed now. I really am...

I'll keep telling myself that.
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Great pics, now feed the poor pooch already...lolol
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Uh, oh - cuteness overload! Great pictures!
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What beautiful kitties!! Their coats are so shiny and they really look healthy. What do you feed them?
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....What beautiful kitties!!!!! ...and the Doggie!! is soo cute!!! ..
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Here are the pictures of Clover and Cricket sleeping with each other for the first time without scratches, hisses, and growls!

Haha, they are REALLY starting to warm up to each other now! I'm so glad!

XOXO's, Emily
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ConsumerKitty - They both eat Science Diet. Clover (older cat) gets Hairball Control Science Diet, and Cricket gets Original Kitten Science Diet. I love Science Diet for my dogs and cats. If Science Diet made rat and ferret food, I would use it for my rats and ferrets, too! Unfortunately, they don't.
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How cute...

We went to PetsMart today and they and a little orange tiger kitty. I tried to talk Paul into adopting it. He said no.
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adorable furrys all 3!
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Thanks to everyone for all of the great comments!

Awww, j171978... too bad you can't adopt that cat! I'm sure that someone will, though. I always shop at Petsmart, but have trouble not wanting to leave with either a dog or a cat on adoption days!
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