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Delayed labour

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I would like you all to know what happened with my cat sammy she had 3 kittens the first one was stuck and eventually died the second one came out much easier and is doing great the third was a suprize my cat keep this kitten in for almost 30 hours after the second no contractions or anything Last night I went to pet her and found a leg sticking out I helped her push but 30 hours inside made it stillborn i would like to warn all those who's cats are pregnant that this can happen.
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Awww, I'm sorry for your losses, but that's how it happens sometimes, unfortunately. You might wanna make sure there aren't any more kittens. Momma cat will become sick in the next few days if she does.
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my cat had her second litter of kittens yesterday all three r doing fine but in april she had a litter and lost all three due to delivering to early she became very depressed didnt wash wouldnt eat or drink this went on for 3 weeks everyday i was having to wash her and force water, milk and fish and water mixed together till it was as thick as soup down her after alot of hard work and determination she finally started to eat on her own and was back to her old self 9 weeks after the birth

your cat has one kitten to keep her going mine had none and finally pulled through so im sure yours will be fine she has her baby to think about now

hope everything goes ok let me know how mommy cat does
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