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Static Fur

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Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!!

Both my cats have a lot of static lately.

Does anyhone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the static? After brushing their coat I wet my hands and run my wet hands through their fur hoping that will calm down the static, but it's doesn't really seem to help.
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You need to get a humidifier. Trust me, it is an air moisture issue you have. If you keep a humidifier going it really helps with their static & your chapped lips!:tounge2:
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oh great thanks for the advice
I would never have thought of it
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Also for the interim you can use the fabric softner sheets for the dryer. The get rid of static - just run them across the fur.
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But don't spray it directly on the cat!! Spray it on your hands, or your kitty brush, then run it over the cat.
Adymarie is right though, you have a moisture problem. A humidifier is a great thing to have. Your clothes will be less staticky also, and you will get fewer shocks.
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My Dani's skin is drying out. and it is only the beginning of winter!!

The Vet gave us a spray to moisturize and lock in moisture,, which she HATES. I tried giving her cod liver oil. She will have nothing to do with it. I tried giving her Mira-Coat, and she will have nothing to do with THAT.


But I love my baby...the little beastie :LOL: :LOL: coo coo coo
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