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Smart Cat !!!

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Hi Everyone

This is way too cute !!
gotta check out the first one titled "Cici the thief-cat movie(4Mbavi)"

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Hi there!!!! Cool site thanks!! Nice to meet you - we have a special forum called "new cats on the block" where you can introduce yourself properly - you'll get a warm welcome!! Oh, and you can post pics of you kitties too.....we all LURVE kitties here ya know....
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thanks for the welcome and nice to meet you too

I'll check out the "new cats on the block" and introduce myself there.
This forum seems really cool.

I actually don't have a digital camera yet, but I'm looking into getting one, cos this is so great how people can post pictures of their kitties. I have 2 cats )

I'm actually searching the forum right now to find more cute pics This is great !!
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Glad you're enjoying yourself!! There are loads of pics of cuties dotted around in different places on the site!! Have a ball!! You can check out some of us "lovely members" too in the members gallery!!
Can't wait till you get some pics up!!! Mmmmm nmore kitties to drool over.....
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Boy, am I going to have to pay attention to my choice of doorknobs from now on . . .
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yeah this video was really funny :-)

I had stumbled on a site once with lot's of cute and funny cat related home videos, but I never actually bookmarked it and now can't seem to find it again.

has anyone seen any other videos posted here at the forum?
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