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Stupid Airline.

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Stupid Airline. they had my upgrade on reserve but you cant actually pay for it til 30 hours or less before your flight. So I called this morning..guess what? they sold out....

so looks like i wont be flying in style like i had thought. FOO...oh well its a tuesday and I do have a window seat..shouldnt be to bad...should it?
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That sucks!!!
I don't like heights...I don't think I could handle a window seat!!
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I like the window seat. You get to see the cars get smaller and smaller... and try and recognize things...

The only downside is if you need to use the bathroom...
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They say that window seats are best in combating motion sickness....I always make sure I get one!...besides I'm nosy..need to see what's going on all the time
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I like the aisle seats as I have long legs!! The worst is the middle seats though.
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Just look at it like this, you're still going to get there, whether you are in first class or coach. I personally love window seats. I've only been lucky enough to fly first class from LA to Toronto and back. The rest of the time I've flown coach. It's not bad. You'll still hve an enjoyable flight.
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I know i am just being a whinny butt, LOL..cause I dont ever plan on flying again. I think i will still have a fine time. And will get there no matter what. I have long legs too but am used to having them curled up and cramped. Yay horse back riding, lol.

I am nervous.....and Dutchy knows somethings up she keeps hiding the kittens from me lol
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Forgive me for being out of the loop, but where are you going???
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Why is this the last time you will ever fly somewhere????

I would love to fly first class someday! p.s. coach isn't too bad.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Forgive me for being out of the loop, but where are you going??? take two kitties to a friend
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I have never flown before..and I dont intend to do it again. I have a theory..if i cant go by car i dont need to go..prefer horse..LOL..but my friend really wants the kittens..and doesnt want them to go cargo....and i cant ride horse back with two kitties so lol
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coach isn't so bad, unless it's a REALLY long flight (like say the 14 hours from JFK to tokyo...) i definitely agree that if you're not planning on flying again and never have before that a window seat is perfect. i love looking out of the window for takeoff and landing as well as whenever the ground is visible. also, flying to arizona you may even get a great view of the grand canyon. i hope you have a great trip
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Thanks. The one thing i am having a laugh my flight back has a lay over in Vegas! LOL my dad is SOOO MAD! but its also at NIGHT and I have a window seat! So i can see the lights of that i am happy about.
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Good luck... I hate to fly ... so much so that my best friend calls the place I am staying to make sure I got on the plane
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I'll be thinking of you. Sorry to hear you missed out on the upgrade. I knew you were looking forward to it.
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Coach is not so bad.... I always liked the window seats. I think that once you fly you will have fun with it. I love the take off!
Good luck on your flight!
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Well the back of the plane gets there the same time as the front and for a lot less money too.
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