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cat drooling from stress

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Hi All. Last week introduced another cat into my home to foster (name is Sophie, a male). Mindy, she's a 2 yr old female, has been an only child until now and has not taken a liking to the new cat yet. Things have been going relatively well so far, there has been no attacking...they are both very submivsive cats. She hisses at the new cat, that's doesn't bother me, but last night she began drooling due to stress while in the presence of the new cat.
Should I be concerned?????
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When I first brang Buddy home he was the same way around the other cats. I was concerned but my vet said it was normal. It lasted a couple days then went away. I find now the only time he drowls is when he is needing me.

I am sure someone will be along with some good answers.
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Wow...20 views and just one response (thanks, DaiDreamer!!). Pitiful. Surely more of you know something about this???
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First of all this in not a chat room, it is a bulletin board. Responses are not automatic and none of us are vets, nor do we give out much advice on health issues. So your pitiful remark was unwarranted. Would you rather someone answered you, gave you the wrong advice? Or would you rather wait and see if someone has an answer before you resort to criticism?

Call your vet- drooling can be a tooth problem, abscess or otherwise, it can be a gum disease, something the cat ate, some cats drool when they are happy and others when they are stressed. They drool because of medication, or if you bathe them with something that is possibly toxic.

If your cat is drooling because of an introduction to another cat, it is likely that you hurried the introduction along and caused stress on one or more of the animals. They need time to adjust to each other, to get used to the smells, the new one has to get used to a new place, and the resident cat needs to get used to sharing his or her space.
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