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Cable covers?

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Paige has struck again, and this time it's not a simple matter of just getting a new monitor cable that screws into the monitor. This time we have to dissemble the monitor and connect the cable back in. This is not expensive, but it is potentially dangerous, and not something we want to continue to hav ehappen. Paige is not stopped by soap, lemon flavoring, tabasco, or being removed from the are which she chews in whenever we catch her. this leaves physical barriers. anyone know where we can get a set of good sturdy cable covers so that she is spared electrocution or the wrath of an angry husband (I can't blame him for being irritated, but I can blame him for not making the situation impossible for her to do.)
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This might work, and its only $14.99!

Here's the close-up "how-to" pic.
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Check the home improvemnt stores like Lowes and Home Dept. They might have some. Also try Radio Shack and stroes like Best Buy
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Becki that is sooooooo neat!! Thanks! I had been looking at loewes and best buy but found nothing that would quite work!
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