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Separation Anxiety?

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I'm fostering a cat from the shelter that I may want to keep. He doesn't seem to like closed doors though. Every time he sees one, he paws at it. It is kind of sad. Also, he hated his cage at the shelter. He stopped eating for the most part. He gets really excited too when a door gets opened, even if it is just to my closet. He has to rush in and see what is in there. Is this normal? I was wondering if this was some sign of separation anxiety. He has not been left all alone yet, and of course has not been alone at the shelter, so I don't know how he is.
Otherwise he is extremely well-mannered.
Does this sound normal to everyone, or is this strange?
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They develop quirks in their characters because of the trauma of what was done to them and the pain they had to deal with. Most cats hate cages, their instincts are to be free-roaming critters. Don't close him up in a room if you can help it. Buy a baby gate and set it in the doorway not horizontal but vertical so it goes all the way to the top, or invest in a screen. Poor cat has probably been through so much it its short life, it just can't take anymore stress.
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The only reason I am putting him in a room right now is because I'm not sure I can trust him alone in the house with my chinchillas yet. Once I'm sure he's okay, he will have the run of the house.
Yes, he is declawed. He deals with it very well though.
Today was his first day all alone (well, 3 hours anyway) and he did fine. No signs of separation anxiety at all. I'm so pleased. He is a charming guy.
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I know what you mean about closed doors. Neither one of my cats likes a closed door of any type; this includes closets, bathroom doors, etc. It just drives them crazy
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That is great that you are thinking of keeping this little one. YIPPEE! Another one out of a shelter.
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I just wanted to mention that I think it is normal for your cat to want to rush in and explore closets and other spaces that aren't normally available. Cats are just naturally curious animals.
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Perhaps your cat had a bad experience once with closed doors.

Or, maybe the kitty is just curious and adamant about it! :LOL:
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That's funny, I was just thinking about starting a thread about closed doors. I am sitting here at the computer and 3 of my cats were right outside the door, not paying me a bit of attention. I got tired of listening to Fred licking himself, so I shut the door. All 3 of them pounded and scratched until they finally managed to get it open. Then they all went back to what they were doing.
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