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Norwegian Forest Cat?  

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Last October I decided that I wanted a new member of the family (as I live alone and get kinda lonely). I went to the local "no kill" shelter and found Ms. Lola.

It's a decision I've never regretted. She is the most lovey dovey cat (and a female no less! I'd always heard that females aren't as affectionate as males. I KNOW that is a myth now ) I couldn't imagine me loving a pet anymore than I love Ms. Lola.

Now, my question is, what breed does she most resemble? I saw a cat on Catster that looks like her and the profile said it was a Norwegian Forest Cat. You can see more pics of her at
my site.

Also, the only problem I've had with her is that she will consistently pee on my bed when I go to work. If I don't allow her in the bedroom when I'm gone, she doesn't pee on the furniture. But she will pee on the bed if I leave the bedroom door open. I am going to purchase a new bedroom suit soon and I want to prepare it for Loladom.

It's the only problem I've had with her and It's a small price to pay for such a wonderful cat.

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In a way she does resemble a Norwegian Forest cat, being semilonghaired. But her profile is not straight (there is kind of a dip between her nose and forehead). She has a triangular face (ears included) and a bushy tail. It also seems her hindlegs are higher that the front legs.

But that does not make her a Norwegian Forest Cat. But she may look like one - kind of...

Anne and three Norwegian Forest Cats
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Unfortunately, There is but a few of us who actually know feline genetics really really well... I happen to not be one of them. In any case, no one can really answer your question properly without knowing what the background is of the parents, (as well as the parents themselves).... So, Your cat is mixed with whatever he looks like to you he's mixed with, sounds kinda harsh I know, but different people will see different things, so the best thing to do is go with your gut.

I am now closing this thread.
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