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Please help my kitten!

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so the other day i noticed my kitten river slept alot, yesterday, and a bit the other day, and it just seemed weird because my dog slept also, maybe they were just real tired i dont know. but river hasnt been eating much. and i've seen him puke up the white froth foam stuff at least twice. i just now gave him some canned food and hes eating (i normally give him purina one kitten food dry) i also noticed some puke on his bed, which appeard to have some food consistency but wasnt noticeable (had been licked or eaten) since im home most the day i havent seen him puke but those 2 times, last night he was bouncing off the walls. this morning he was on the couch and suddenly meowed funky and then i moved him on a table to puke. hes an indoor cat. i only have my puppy. and rivers only 11 weeks old or so...?? any advice, if it keeps up? could it just be a flu? please help!
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My best advice would be to take him to a vet and let him check him out.
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Have they had their shots? That is the first thing I always think of when they are tired and vomitingis the chance of parvo? I'ms ure he is fine but, you need to take him in just to make sure they are OK. I hope all goes well. Best of luck....Love, Hope
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At 11 weeks old your kitten could have found something on the floor in the corner covered with dust and ate it- causing stomach upset. They are just like little hoover vacuums sometimes. If you can get this kitten to some green grass safely, (long bladed grass not mowed lawn) her instinct will be to eat the grass. She should then throw up more. The danger to her vomiting is to her young age and the fact that she can become dehydrated quickly. A vet visit would be a safe way to proceed here, if the vomiting continues. Check to see if the kitty is dehydrated, and if she is, take her in immediately-

Pinch test- while kitty is on the floor, lightly pinch her skin at her neck. Hold for a second,the release- if the skin folds down to normal the kitty has fluids- if it stays tented up- she needs a VET!
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thanks! yea i found a vet that has cheap general exams, only 26 bucks. i am waiting to here back from the lady i got him from. i dont have anything poisonous out and hes sleeping right now..but once i hear from the lady i'll go from there..since i've been home i havent seen any sign of puking but who knows :S thanks!
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