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New Kitty For Me!

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Hi Guys!
Some of you probably remember me from when I fostered the two kittens that died (Seb and Cyp). I have since fostered two kittens who did not die. And yesterday I brought home a 3 year old brown tabby Maine Coon-type cat. His name is Ziggy (I WILL be changing that). I would love to keep him. He is such a charmer. Given up due to moving (when will people understand that is not a good excuse?). He is neutered and declawed and lovely. I'm madly in love.
When I've made up my mind, I'll let you all know. Mostly it hinges on whether I can make him understand that my chinchillas are NOT for eating.
I'm very excited!
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That great! He sounds like a sweetheart. I hope you can keep him!
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Awwww!! thats fantastic!! I recently adopted an 8 year old Main Coon - they are wonderful cats!! soooo layed back!!! Im sure he'll fit in just fine in your home Let us know - and get us some pics!!
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Hey, Bubbles!

I'm so glad your recent experiences have been more positive!

I've heard such good things about Maine Coons! Ziggy sounds like a real sweetheart, too. Don't blame you for changing his name though. I think it's hard to name cats. They have such distinct personalities, you have to get the name just right. But then, I seldom call my cats by their given names, so I'm one to talk. Let us know what you pick.

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I think you were missing a bracket there, Hell. Zat bedda?
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We'd love to see some pictures and hear more about your new foster kitty!
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Awww...that's awesome news Bubbles...so now you have three babies!! Good for you girl! You're starting the New Year off perfectly!

Please post some pics soon.

Major Hugs!!!

Snuggle them for me too!!
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He's mine as of today! Paid for and everything! I'm so excited!
I'm changing his name tomorrow (kitty naming party with a friend), and I'll let you all know what you can call him then. And hopefully I'll have pictures by next week.
He did the cutest thing this morning. I've been keeping him in my room at night with the door closed so he leaves my chinchillas alone. But this morning at 5 he wanted to leave the room really bad, so I let him out of the bedroom, leaving the door open. I woke up again at 7, and he had come back into the room, CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND HIM, and was purring on my pillow! An inexplainable cat.
What a miracle. I'm in love.
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That's great! How can you not love a cat that is so polite! Can't wait for a name and furface to go with it!


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so happy kitty has found a loving home!
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Oh Bubbles, that's so great! Good for you, wow and so affectionate too! You're such a lucky girl!
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Bubbles that is wonderful!!! He sounds like a darling!! ooowwweeee! CUTE CUTE CUTE!! (Hey if he's that well mannered, maybe you could train him to clean his own littler box?!!! ha ha) :blubturq:
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His name is Duvet. Both because he is quite a comforter, and because he is always on the bed. I call him Vet (Vey).
We fall a little more in love every day. :
I'll have pictures this week!
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Ooooo goody!!! Hurry!! You do realise Im holding my breath till I see them don't you??!!! Im going blue so you better get a move on!!! ha ha ha:tounge2:
Seriously though... I can't wait to see them! YIpeee!!! More kitty pics to drool over!
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