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Welcome back Bodlover!

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It is so good to see you back here! I hope your holidays were safe & happy. I missed you on the MJ thread. You have alot of catching up to do!
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Oh, Rhea, I'm soooo glad you're back too!! The Site is so much brighter with your new hairdo (or shall I say you better check out the MJ Thread and you'll see what I mean) :laughing2 :laughing2...Seriously, though, you've been missed terribly by all of us, (well, I know I have..hahaha) and it's great to have you back...now no going away that long unless you bring a laptop! tut tut...(love that expression of yours!)
I hope your holiday was exciting. I know you work terribly hard during the week (emailing back and forth) :laughing2 You have the best job in the world! :laughing2

Anyway, it's sooooo good to have you back! Thanks Adrienne for starting this Thread! You're one leap ahead of me! :laughing2

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Awww thanks guys!!! There goes my attempt to just slip back in un-noticed eh?!!!! ha ha ha ha ha.... I had a great holiday, but Im glad to be back!!! Back to the fun here! Yipee! Actually... GUYS....I've SEEN my new "hairdo".... I have to say that you can all just KISS MY...........BALD HEAD!!!! haha ha ha ha haha...hey - no more bad hair days for me eh?!! COOL!!! ha ha ha ha
As for my job Cat...it is highly stressfull ya know.... I have to keep my email in box clear enough so I have room to get yer 50000 emails everyday!!! ha ha ha.....ah but I love it.... hee hee

Well.....just let me finish catching up a couple of places and I'll be right back to see where the bus has taken us now!! (uh, we are still on the bus aren't we?!! or back in the Limo?!!!)

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Yep, back on the bus we go! It's better in there...lot's more head room (get it?) :laughing2 Just kidding...I love your bald head! :laughing2 You're too cute...yeah, Adrienne's driving now, I think Bill's going to party with us. He's brought his own new set of clothes...:laughing2 What a diva he is! Ooooooh Bill, I know you're lurking around here somewhere.... Well, he knows he is anyway!

We're heading to California to Disney Land ...or at least that's the plan for now! :laughing2

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Well, if we head for San Fran. or stop in Mardi Gras, I'll probably look quite conservative

Bod, Ady waited too long to shout out NOT to shave your head, so you see, its her fault, not mine at all...

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Bill, Bill, Bill - don't blame the person that lent you the fine clothes you're wearing. Blame the one person who could have stopped - Bod herself! If she came back sooner, or accessed the site while away - she would still have hair!
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Hey hey hey!!! Im the VICTIM darn it!!! Anyone got any "dymoxinyl"? :homer:
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Hey, I have a witch's hat with hair attached to it! hahaha :laughing2 :witch: Not saying you're a witch, but if we stop in Mardi Gras it'd be fun! Also, I can draw a pretty mural on your head...That'd be nice! Butterfly's....little kitties a litterbox Naughty CAT!!! :laughing2

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YAAAAAAAY!!!!! Bodlover's back! Woohoo!! I missed you so!

I had nothing to do with your hair, by the way. I was minding my own business setting lobsters free and relocating little goldfish to the hottub.
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WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! Rhea is back!!!!

We have all missed you!!!! (especially that bear... )

Great to have you back!!!

It's not the same around here without ya!
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Thank goodness you are back Rhea. Maybe you can keep Cat in line. She is out of control you know!
Just ask her....she will tell you!
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Bod...hey,nice "look".

Just wanted you to know,I had ABSOLOUTELY NOTHING to do with that painting of...umm,you know..on your...ahhh nether regions. I draw MUCH better than that.

I suggest you take 2 fingers of screech straight up for a week. Stuff'll grow hair on a codfish!!
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