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Does anyone flush WBCL?

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I will be switching over to WBCL soon, and I think it says on the bag that you can flush the clumps. I'd be wary of clogging my pipes though...does anyone else flush this? Anybody run into problems with flushing it?

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i personally wouldnt
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I've always flushed WBCL. My Grandpa is a retired plumber and he said it's okay. No problems yet *knocks on wood*.
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When I see how clay litter settles in flowing water when I clean out my litter boxes, I know I'm not going to risk flushing it, no matter if it says it's OK on the label. It takes one heck of a lot of water flow to move that stuff along, and if you don't get it all flushed out, it's going to settle and over time it's going to accumulate.
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I flush away. To me, that's one of the joys of using it.

And Worlds Best Kitty Litter isn't made of Clay.
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Originally Posted by eatrawfish
And Worlds Best Kitty Litter isn't made of Clay.
OK, thank you, I didn't know what the OP meant by "WBCL", but it mentioned clumps, so I assumed clumping litter. Just to make it clear, my opinion in my previous post refers ONLY to clay-based litter, clumping and non.
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I have been flushing WBCL down my toilet for one year and have had no problems. If you have a toilet that doesn't have a lot of water in it's bowl (aka. one of those newer, water saver toliets), then I would recommend adding water to help it flush more efficiently. As for clogging pipes, I did have a concern about that too. I read on their site that when the clumps of corn litter are introduced to more liquid, they are designed to fall apart.
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I used it for about six months and flushed it that entire time, and never had a clog or any kind of problem at all.
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i've had WBCL since Hobbes was a baby and have always flushed it down the toilet. No problems with it! Great cat litter...we love it!
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I flush the cheap imitation of WBCL. The clumps break apart immediately upon contact with water. As long as you don't dump the entire box in at once, you should be able to flush it without issue. Just do a few scoops at a time.

Only time I ever had a backup (and consequent overflow...UGH ) was when I was in a rush to get out the door and needed to change out the litter. It was Feline Pine, which doesn't clump, but the sheer load of it clogged the toilet. All I can say is take your time because it's a gigantic pain to clean up after an overflowed toilet.
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When I used it, I always flushed it. I never had any problems with it so, I'd say it'd be fine. Then again I only flushed the clumps when I scooped them. When I did a full litter box change I dumped the pan in the trash can.
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I have used it before, in my apt..and never had any trouble with it.
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For all of you that posted or will post, is anyone on a septic system?
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i live in a small town and am hooked up to the town's public sewage system. I have wondered myself if having a self-contained septic tank would make a difference. I also want to point out that I only flush the waste I have scooped from the litter box. I have never flushed the entire contents down the toilet when doing a complete litter change. I put that in the regular garbage.
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
For all of you that posted or will post, is anyone on a septic system?
That's what I was wondering, too. Does anyone flush on a septic system? I don't, even if the package says flushable, for fear of overloading the system.
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Oh, to clarify, I never dumped a whole litterbox full of it down the toilet when changing the entire box (when dumping the entire box, I would put it into a garbage bag and throw it out) - I think that would definitely cause a clog. I flushed the clumps, and that was totally fine.
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I would never put a whole litter tray down the toilet. We just empty out litterboxes into our rubbish bags.
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