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Food recommendations please!

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Hello everyone,

I'm a cat parent to a 2 year old DSH tabby named Furgus. He is my best friend and I worry about him too much. Lately we've been having problems with his food. Please bear with me as it's a bit confusing.

Since he was a kitten, Furgus has had problems with regurgitating after eating too quickly or too much. He has been on a variety of Science Diet dry kibble including sensitive stomach, oral care and sensitive skin. While on the oral care kibble he broke out in an allergic skin condition which has since cleared up so he was put on sensitive skin as a result.
Furgus never really took to the sensitive skin and would not eat it if it was left out in his self feeder. (he is usually fed meal style feedings as he can't handle the free feeding without getting sick)

We've just been to the vet for his yearly checkup and I found he had actually lost 3 lbs due to his dislike of Science Diet sensitive skin. (he used to weigh 17 lbs so hes actually at a healthier weight)
Anyway...to make a long story short I am now trying to find him a kibble that he is able to eat without regurgitating and that he likes.
In the past two weeks I've tried a holistic dry kibble called Foundations that is available in Canada. While I was mixing it with his Science Diet he would eat it but no longer. He would turn his nose up at it and try to bury it. I know he is hungry as he eats his Science Diet up when I give that to him.
Today I bought Nutro Natural Care Complete but the same problem is occuring. He will only eat a portion when it is mixed with Science Diet.

The pet store also recommended Wellness but it is quite an expensive kibble and money unfortunately is an issue at the moment.

Phew...so what would you recommend. Should I put him back on the Science Diet oral care (which he loved) even though it may have gave him allergies, or should I try something else. He seems to have a sensitivity to either the corn meal or an additive in the Science Diet which makes him regurgitate but at this point at least he wants to eat it.

I'm at the end of my rope with worry since he has already lost weight. The vet was almost 100% certain it was diet related. Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated. Furgus thanks you as well.
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It certainly sounds that it may well be diet related. I personally would advise against Science Diet. Wellness is an excellent brand if you are not against feeding garlic to your kitty. Sierra eats Innova Lite and has eaten Natura products for years. I trust this company a great deal and strongly recommend their product. Would you consider trying Natura's California Natural? I has helped many kitties with food sensitivities. Would you consider switching Furgus so a wet food diet? Any increase in price will be so worth it in the long run! Do remember, what ever switch you choose to make, do so gradually so as not to upset his tummy. Also, you may want to try elevating his food when he eats on an elevated stand for this purpose or even a couple of thick books, also feed him from a large dish so you can spread his food out flat, this will take longer to eat. Always clean his dishes thoroughly and remove all wet food after about 30 minutes to prevent any possible bacterial growth. Just a few thoughts. Please do keep us updated how Furgus is feeling!
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you may look into Royal Canins new oral.. it has corn but is a bit bigger kibble so he may like it

any food should be introduced over about a week .... which natural choice did you get??
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Have you looked into Felidae? It doesn't have any corn, and it is designed for cats with skin issues and allergies. They have a store locator on their website (www.canidae.com) and they are available in at least some parts of Ontario.

Also, have you tried some of the techniques to slow him down? Often cats regurgitate after they eat too fast. Raising the food bowl, or spreading out the food on a cookie sheet are some tricks to slow him down.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your recommendations everyone!

I've decided to try the Wellness Super5Mix Salmon as he really loves his
fish. I also bought Science Diet Sensitive Stomach as I know he eats that.
He's guaranteed to eat one or the other. I guess money is no object when it comes to my kitty. haha

He seems to like what I am giving him right now (enough that hes breaking into cupboards again).

Thanks again for all the great recommendations.
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My Loki has food allergies (Bloody Diarreah) and the only food he loves and really workes for him is called Life's Abundance.

Here is some info.

Nutrient dense with vitamins, minerals, fats and fatty acids essential for the optimal health of your cat. Five sources of high quality protein including chicken meal, eggs, herring meal, chicken liver meal and turkey meal derived from human-grade processing plants. Rich in powerful antioxidants. Our patented grapeseed extract process ensures your cat receives greater amounts and a wide range of NATURAL antioxidant properties.

And does NOT contain corn, wheat, dairy, by-products, artificial colors or flavors found in other leading brands.

Below the website if you wan to check it out

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My recommendation to add to the others, would be to consider Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea - click here for ingredients list and more info it comes as a wet food as well as the dry.

I'm sorry I missed this until just now.
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It definitely sounds like his problems are allergy related. Both the miliary dermatitis and regurgitating. I want to try him on the Wellness Salmon recipe since he really loves anything remotely fish related but thank you a ton for all the great suggestions.
Even better, he has ate all of the food I put down for him today.
I'll keep all the suggestions in mind if he doesn't take to the new switch.
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