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Happy 1st Birthday, Malakai!

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Hey everyone... Today, July 11th, is Malakai's 1st birthday ... I remember when he was 2 weeks old and I was bottle feeding him... I remember when he got sick and Adrian & I rushed him to the vet and they told me that he wasnt going to make it... Here we are a year later and he's perfectly healthy... Well, since I can't be with him today, I can still wish him a very happy birthday ... I know he's being well taken care of and hopefully I'll see him soon...

Happy Birthday, Malakitten...
Mami & Papi love u and mish u very much... kishes & hugs, kitten...
Ur Mami's big boy now... be good for "Mommy & Shady"... and don't let Molly bully u around... We'll be together in a few months... I promish... I love you, chulito...
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Happy 1st Birthday, Malakai!
What a very special day for such a precious baby!
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Aw, yay! Happy bday to Kai!
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Happy Purrthday Malakai!!
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Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.

Your kitty cats rule your lives,

& they give you hairballs too………

Have a good one Malakai…
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Happy 1st Birthday

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They grow up so fast!!!!
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Aww, happy birthday little boy
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OH MY! ...Happy birthday Sweet KAI!!!!! ... ...Hope Mommie and Dad Super spoil to you today Sweet Malakai!!! ....
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Happy Birthday To Your Sweet Boy!!!
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Thanx for all the Birthday wishes everyone... I'm missin my little boy a lot right now but Im gonna call my friends mom tonight and see how he's doing...
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Well, I've been trying to keep myself busy all day so I dont dwell too much on missing Kai... The problem is when I start to miss him, I start to think about how my life is such a mess and the fact that he is in New Jersey and not with me is just one part of that... It just brings up everything else that's gone wrong lately... Now, I feel even worse tho because I called my friend's parents and they are still in Florida which means that Kai was alone for his birthday I know it sounds stupid but I feel so bad for him... I know he probably doesnt even remember me... I have the scar on my arm to prove that he's mad at me for leaving him there... I just hope that when my mom comes home in November and we're settled in our own place that he'll warm up to me, again... but anyway...

Happy 1st Birthday, again, Kai-Bear... Mami loves u so much u have no idea... u're my chulito... kishes & hugs... and Papi said "Be good, Chupacabra or I'll kick ur butt... luv ya, Malakitten... (scruff)"
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Happy birthday Kai!
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