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Not too Handy.....

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Hi guys...
I've been a "lurker" the past few day...reading, but not posting.

The other day I decided that since it was almost a new year, I would start working out. My weight bench is about 3 feet from the PC, but the PC is more fun, so you know which gets more use :LOL:

Anyway, I got motivated amd started to fix up the weights, went to put 'em on the rack, and slammed the dang bar down on my right hand! pinned my hand between the bar and the "stirrup" that it sits in.
Spent the afternoon at the hospital, and now have a lovely splint/cast protecting a broken bone on the back of my hand.

Its bad enough being broken, but even worse explaining that I busted my hand geting ready to work out...sheesh!

Amyway, today was the first dayI could use the mouse and keys, the angle they set my wrist at prevents me from doing any typing or wrist nmovement,, but today I got to take the darn thing off....Wooohoooo!

I've been reading all your posts though, and miss talking to you...
Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

See ya soon,
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Oooh OUCH, I hope it feels better very soon!!!
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Sounds painful. You don't want to overdo it to much with your hand - give it some time to heal. Do you think that the accident was some answer from up above telling you NOT to exercise?
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well I hope you learned your lesson, don't exercise!!!! :LOL:

seriously, that sucks. I hate being less than 100%

hope you heal soon!
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Geesh Cleo, that bites! I was wondering where you were! Sorry to hear that Well, it should heal soon and you're sooo motivated that you'll get back to it. Keep saying, "exercise is good...exercise is good!" :laughing2 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hope your New Year will bring you the best.

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Awww poor Diane!!! That really does suck....as for Cat's suggestion of saying "Execise is good" to yourself... I would try saying "just 2 more mins with these weights then I can have my plate of chips and chocolate muffin" .....heh heh heh...

Seriously though, I hope you feel better soon love!!

(PS, Chips over here is the same as fries!!)
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Sorry to hear about your accident! You just relax and take it easy till you are back to being healthy again. Glad to see you around.
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Oh man! That's gotta' hurt! Hope you heal up quick. That's why I don't work out ~ it's too dangerous!
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Well, I am with AP on this one........Just don't excercise!!!!! LOL

Hope you are feeling better real soon!
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Oh, Ouch! That's awful, Dianne. See, people try to tell you that working out is good for you, but I think it's just plain dangerous! Now at least you have a really good excuse for a while.
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Oh my gosh Cleo, that had to hurt like heck!!! I hope it is feeling better now!
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I hope you are feeling better. See why it is important NOT to work out! It is dangerous!
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how's the hand?
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Hurts like hell, thanks for asking! :LOL:
Since I'm a right handed bartender who cracked a bone in her right hand...Friday nights are a nightmare!
I took off the splint/cast and worked the whole night without it, mainly because I cant carry anything in my right hand with it on, and its a real pain making change!
Also, its almost impossible to work without getting it wet....bartowels soaked in bleach, sloshing beer, preparing food, handling money...all very unsanitary.
(also, it was starting to develoop a not too pleasant odor)

Anyway, I feel it now, but will put the contraption back on before I go to bed, and it should feel better.

It'll be awhile before I hit the weight bench again though!
(ok, not true, I worked my legs before work today!...carefully though!)
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Sympathy tips? Sure hope so! Something good needs to come out of this accident......
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