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Please Help

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I recentally noticed a bump in my cat's chest. Over the next couple of days it went away. (It felt like a bone or something hard poped out of place). Now he has a hairless patch with a little bump that bleeds (not constantally) from him licking it. Is there anything wrong with him. This all happened after we changed his cat food aslo. Could this be the problem.

Before this he has never had any prior problems. And the last couple days he just doesn't seem to be himself. If you have ANY idea(s) what might be happening please let me know ASAP.

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Sounds like he may of had a boo-boo that turned into and abscess (bump) and when that burds, youd get puss and blood coming out. I think the changing in food had nothing to do with it. He may well have an infection from the assumed abscess so a vet trip would be in order to confirm and dispense antibiotics.

*Of course this is only my idea*
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I agree that I dont think it has anything to do with the chnge of food, but I do agree with Tracey that a vet trip is in order. If it is an abscess and is infected the vet should be able to clear it up quickly for you
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He seems to be licking himself alot. Should I get one of those cones to pervent him from licking it so much or is that good?
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The vet will be able to tell you if he/she thinks he needs one.
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