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Well keep us posted, and don't let him off the hook!
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I was watching about Vegas Weddings on the travel channel the other night. Caesar's Palace looks like a cool place to get married, too ..... All of the major hotels have nice "chapels" .....THey aren't cheesey or anything. In fact, if you can get on their homepages, and find their wedding links, I believe they have their different wedding packages you can look at!
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SWEET!!!!!! I'll have to check some of them out... I want to see that haunted Vegas thing I think it is on tonight or tomorrow... maybe we'll go somewhere that is haunted to get married! that'll be cool ya think?
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That's creepy! :paranoid3 :laughing2 You could always do the traditional Elvis one, or they drive-thru! J/K:tounge2:
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hey quit tempting me! LOL!
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It got the pictures of the rings (beautiful by the way) but because they weren't sent as attachments, I can't save them into ez-photo......so sorry.....they are gorgeous though!
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If you right-click on your mouse, you can save the picture
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the program won't recognize it as a photo, says it is a corrupted file.
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darn it! let me try again.....
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I found this site when I was helping a friend plan her wedding. http://www.lasvegasweddingchapels.com/

It has great info on different chapels & on what you need in order to be married there.
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Except she says hers is just a smaller size, but it is still beautiful.

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Wow, what a beautiful ring!!!!
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Woweeee!!! Thats beautiful!!!!!
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Thanks Hissy! I hoped that link I sent would work...
I am in love with the ring and the man I got it from!
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