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Thanks everyone!!!!!

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Thanks you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!
I got my wish last night! I am engaged to be married! After 7 years he gave me a ring last night and asked me to marry him..
you all are the best people I know and I wanted to share that with you since I consider alot of you very close friends!
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Congratulations, Barb! I'm happy for you! Where'd he propose? I want details
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Well, he actually gave me my present and when I opened it, it was a Jug from Mt dew and I was really bummer, but then I was putting it down and it kind of shook and I heard something inside and had to have him help me get the top off(not realy coordinated ya know) inside there was a small box and I was getting it out and the darn phone rang, so while he was talking I was impatiently waiting and slowly tearing off the tape. he got off the phone and I ripped into that thing like it was the only thing I had to eat in days. When I got it opened,I opened the box, and threw it onto the bed..I was shocked, stunned and crying all at the same time so when I regained soem of my senses, I picked it up and put it on and then took it off again and gave it to him telling him that he never asked me to marry him, so there he was laying on our bed holding the ring up and he says" will you marry me?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, it was so silly and so wonderful at the same time.. and the darndest thing is, it almost fits. It is just a LITTLE bit to big. I wore it all night at my party and everyone did the oohhhs and ahhs because of it! I love it and I love the man I found as my soul mate!
Thanks tigger for asking! I love to tell a happy story!!!!!!!
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Awwwwwwww A lovely way to end the new year & begin a new one! He sounds like a really great guy & wish you nothing but the best!
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What wonerful news! I am glad you have some one so special in your life. Congratulations!
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What a great story! Congratulations! I am very happy for the 2 of you.
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that is great news!

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Yipee!!! that is sooo wonderful!! Bless bless bless.......Ohhh the romance....the mushiness.......its all good..... hee hee :pinky: :blubturq: :girly2:
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Congratulations! Wow, 7 years! I can't imagine dating that long. I'm so glad he finally asked you. What great news.
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That's terrific, jugen!!! I'm thrilled for you!

Just one question, though... how did you wait 7 years? I've been in a 4 year relationship and I'm ready to start throwing ultimatums around! (Not that I actually will, mind you, but I don't think I'm patient enough to wait 7 years!!!)
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Honestly, it didn't seem like 7 years with him. We had to actually think about when it was that we first started dating. I finally remembered last night that he was only a mere 20 years old when we started going out and now he is 27 so finally after wondering how long it was we both now know.
I guess I never expected to get anything like this from him either. I just liked the way we were. (not that I am complaining about this way...LOL!) I love him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but knew he was younger then I am(6 years younger ) so I never though he'd do somehtign like this because of that also. Plus, he told me that he wanted to get me a ring last year for my b-day and never did so I didn't give it much of a thought after that.
I know pretty wierd relationship huh?
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CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now all we need is a picture of the ROCK!!!!
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I'll post one as soon as I get a digital camera to take a pic with ok? Promise!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations, Barb!!!!! and when is the wedding? Clinton's not that far away from me, ya know...
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I'll let you know deb! I promise!!!!!!!
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Just saw this. How Wonderful! You must be overjoyed.
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I have a picture of my ring, but I don't know how toget it on here. My finacee's mom emailed me one a couple of days ago. Maybe Tigger can put it on here for me??? TIGGER HON??? PLEASE!????
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if you email the picture to me, I would be happy to put it up for you. Or, you can mail me the ring and I would be happy to wear it for you! Seriously though, just email it to me and I will show it off for you.
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Her ring is absolutely gorgeous :daisy:
Can me, you and hissy share it? :LOL:
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Check your PM's and I have a question. During the wedding ceremony will you have to say "I DEW?"
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C'mon then people!!! WHERES THE RING????!!!!!!
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It's coming, it's coming! LOL! Tigger, if you share the ring, you have to share the man. That's the rule... LOL! you guys still want to share? I'll be happy to send him to you a few days a week! LOL! tigger, maybe he'll even clean your tanks for ya! LOL! Hissy, he can play with your cats. he's good at that! LOL! see!? this way, everyones happy!:tounge2:
Hissy, we already talked about taking the cats with us so they wouldn't be left out! Well, I talked, he shook his head. But I hate to leave them with someone I hardly know, ya know???
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Are you talking about taking the cats on your honeymoon? Or do you mean you will be moving and can't bring them with you?
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no no sunlion... I would NEVER move if my cats couldn't go with me... I am not one of those people who abandon their cats for a place to live... I'd live in my car or out on the streets before I'd leave my cats behind..
I'm talking about taking them with us to Vegas when we go there to get married. We are doing the non traditional wedding thing. I did the fancy weddings with the million $$$ dress and things and now I just want a small wedding with family and a couple of close friends, so we decided to go with a wedding/honeymoon in one..
I am one of those people who has a hard time leaving her cats for extended periods of time... so I wanted to take them with us on our wedding/honeymoon so i wouldn't worry about them the whole time we were gone...
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You and fiance' will have a great time in Vegas! We had a fun time over there, too ..... Our wedding was small, too ... just family & a few of our friends were there. Have you decided if you are going to get married at one of the major hotels?
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Holy moly! I didn't know you went there! COOL! now I know that it will be ok.
No I dont' know anything yet. can you give me any pointers???????
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We got married at the New York Hotel & Casino ...... It was a nice ceremony ... it only took maybe 20 minutes. We got the package where they video taped the wedding & took pictures. The package deal also included a 2-night stay in a hotel room w/ a jacuzzi I got to chose my bouqet, too ...... I chose peach roses, w/ white flowers (i think?). They also gave hubby a thing for his suit (you know, the flower they attach to you? I dont know what it's called). I cannot remember what else came with the package .... I know it cost around $1000...... They also give you an option, but you pay extra, if you want your hair and makeup done.
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Barb....I can't wait to see the ring. And I think you should take us ALL to Vegas, we could stowaway with the cats.. it sounds like so much fun!!! When did you say the date is set for?
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Congratulations!! I love hearing proposal stories like that. :baloon: :baloon: :baloon: :baloon: :baloon:
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hmmmmm. sounds pretty cool. I just may have to look into that.....
I like the peach roses. they sound just to die for!
anyone else have any Vegas pointers??? or cool places to go???
Debby,If I could afford it, it'd become the Cat site forum meeting place! We'd have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the bad thing would be that I'd never have TIME to get married! I'd be to busy with you all having fun to do much else!!! LOL!
I also don't think that they'd let me store 100+ people under my seat! LOL!That'd make for an awfully expensive cat ticket! LOL!
No dates as of yet. I PROMISE i'll keep ya posted. I think that Brad thinks that now that he has given me the ring, he is off the hook for awhile. LOL! little does he know!
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