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Trapping Volunteer for Cat's Cradle (dated 6/9/2005)

Purpose and how it helps the organization:
Many people need assistance "catching" cats to send for surgery. Trapping, when done properly, is a humane way to safely transport cats to surgery.

Supervisor: Teresa Kappes


Must have flexible hours, particularly in the evenings as that is when cats are most active

Must be willing to work with people, notifying them of what you are doing and how they can help or hinder the process

Must be thorough and ensure you know how many cats are in a location, so that they all are trapped. Leaving an unaltered female starts the process all over again

Duties and Responsibilities:

Trapping and transporting to a central location.

Collecting cats for clinics and getting the paper work filled out properly and collecting money if need to.
Cleaning traps and laundry after clinics.

Physical Requirements:
Needs to be able to lift traps with cats (weighs 20 - 30 lbs depending on the size of the cat.) Need a good back and heart.

Training Requirements:
We use the methods developed by Alley Cat Allies and will provide training and equipment.

Location of the job:
Anywhere in Rockingham, Page, Augusta, Shenandoah counties.

Benefits to the Volunteer:
Knowing that they are helping end overpopulation and making life better for feral cats.

Time Commitment:
Can vary. Depending on the cats. At least 2hrs. and plus. There are also opportunities to go to clinics, such as the Alley Cat Allies clinic in Centreville for the day.

If interested, please e-mail Cat's Cradle at Please put "Trapping Volunteer" in the subject line